Celebrate your wedding in a castle

I have imagined many times how an outdoor wedding would be or celebrate a wedding in a castle, just like a princess.  It is perfect if you are going to have a medieval wedding, but if you don’t, it doesn’t matter because the castle’s landscape and the surroundings are suitable for any type on wedding theme.

I want to share with you the best castles in the world where you can celebrate your most wonderful day of your life. There are many so I tried to make a selection with the really best ones.

And I want to begin first with Monteviejo Castle from Spain, which has 4 wedding saloons: Arturo King, Ginebra Queen,Camelot and Carpa.

I have to admit that the Arturo King saloon I liked best; beautifully decorated to create a medieval atmosphere with modernist elements. The saloon capacity is for  300 to 200 people.

The menus are varied, you can choose from various croquettes, red peppers, prawns, homemade soup, cutlet, baked salmon, sirloin Monte Viejo style, cakes, ice cream, coffee, Spanish wine and spirits and many others.

If you are looking for a castle in France definitely the best one is Chateau des Conde in Vallery near Paris. The Grande Galerie is the best place to celebrate the wedding with beautiful globes of roses seemingly floating on the air.

If you are going to decide to celebrate your wedding here, the wedding planners will be able to help you with the invitations, decorators, musicians, florists, photographers and so on.

They always have great promotions so you never know; everything is possible and after all celebrate your wedding in a castle will not be a difficult dream to accomplish.

The castle is a good place for a medieval wedding; just imagine the medieval style wedding dress, with flowers in your hair, you two in an old car or in a carriage, saying “I do” in one of the beautiful gardens of the castle and so on, just think that nothing is impossible.