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cruise wedding


Lately, cruise weddings have been more and more popular for engaged couples. Luckily for the bride and groom planning the wedding and planning the honeymoon have become synonymous with each other and just as easy when it comes to cruise weddings. New to the concept? Here are a few things you need to about preparing for a cruise wedding.

Prices can’t be beat.

Compared to big wedding ceremonies with all the bells and whistles, cruise weddings are a great bargain. Packages typically start at $800 and go up to about $3,000, not including the cost of the actual cruise vacation. Because their affordable pricing makes them even more popular, it is advised that you insure the availability of wedding packages prior to booking the cruise.

Guests don’t always need to be passengers.
While the couple getting married is required to be a guest on the ship by most cruise lines, your passengers may not need to. Because many weddings take place on the port prior to departure or at ports of call, guests who are in the area have the opportunity to partake in wedding festivities. In the event the cost of a full-fledged cruise vacation is too much to bare and they are in close proximity to the event, there’s no need to worry.

No one has to be left out.
If loved ones aren’t near the port or can’t make any arrangements to view the ceremony as a guest they have the option of viewing the wedding in the comfort of their home. That’s right, loved ones can witness the magic without setting a foot outside. How? With the internet! Some cruise lines stream the wedding online to make it accessible to those unable to attend the anticipated bridal affair.

Marriage license may be included.
Obtaining a marriage license is usually the most difficult part of planning destination weddings. Some cruise lines assist with getting wedding licenses. However, there may be an additional processing fee. To keep things from getting too complicated, the wedding is almost always performed at the ports of call as opposed to while the ship is at sea to avoid licensing issues.

cruise wedding

You’ve got places to choose from.
Even though you are limited to having the wedding while the ship is docked you can still have a vast amount of locations to choose from to have the wedding. If they are available on board, weddings are usually held in the chapel, atrium, library or lounge.

You can simply relax.
Don’t do well with too many choices and decisions? Many cruises have wedding planners readily available on board to help with all the big decisions. Suddenly flowers, reception, ceremony plans and the music are all in order without breaking a sweat. Be aware that outside vendors and services aren’t usually permitted on board for the wedding. Worried about primping for the big day? Take advantage of the on-board salon and let planner handle the little details such as tuxedo rentals.

cruise wedding


Which cruise line do you think hosts the best wedding?

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