lake garda wedding
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Lake Garda – The Dream Wedding Destination

lake garda wedding
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As the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is unmatched for its luminous environment, temperate climate and bountiful fishing villages. This idyllic setting with its picture-perfect surroundings, make it an ideal location for a wedding.

Holidays to Lake Garda are increasingly popular, and it’s now one of northern Italy’s most popular destinations. The area surrounding the lake is populated with palms, lemon groves and orange trees, forming a beautiful backdrop to an enchanting historical retreat.

Surrounded by mountains, the northern part of the lake is narrower, while the southern part widens as it meets the Morainic Hills and mountains that give it its fjord-like shape. This terrain gives the area its pleasant Mediterranean climate.

lake garda wedding
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So, why marry here?

Italy is a country blessed with romantic spirit and jaw-dropping natural beauty. But very few corners of the country come close to matching Lake Garda for splendour.

The lake is an intense shade of blue coupled with an unmatched transparency. It is a unique beauty spot surrounded by villages and larger towns, all offering something different. Some of the villages seem to be of a different era, with just one small port, bar and maybe a restaurant or two. If marriage is a celebration of something extraordinary and timeless, the shores of Lake Garda are a perfect setting to celebrate.

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The larger towns offer shopping, restaurants, sports and cinemas. One such town is Riva, a cosmopolitan place popular all year round and a sportsman’s paradise. Along with its neighbouring sister town, Torbole, Riva is one of the windsurfing capitals of Europe. Also popular there are mountain biking, cycling, sailing and much more.

During warmer weather, it‘s possible to travel across the lake by regular ferry, car ferry or hydrofoil. From your accommodation you will be able to get information on regular transport to and from the lake.

Lake Garda is also handy for other northern destinations like Milan, Innsbruck, Modena, Venice and the Dolomites.

lake garda destination wedding
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Tips for planning a wedding

If you are thinking about planning and hosting a wedding at Lake Garda, it’s important to look into using local English-speaking agents who will be able to provide specialist local knowledge of the area, its facilities and accommodation.

Using the services of a local agent will prove invaluable as they will be able to manage all your bookings, help with your invitations, venue and guest accommodation, among a host of other services such as catering and flowers.

The agent can advise on the best solutions and save you the hassle of dealing individually with your guests’ accommodation, which can take up as much of your time as planning the wedding itself. Having an insider’s knowledge will open up the majesty of a Lake Garda wedding to you, making your day even more perfect, and ensuring no one in attendance will forget it.

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