Vintage wedding floral arrangements and cakes

The vintage wedding involves also other elements besides the bride`s accessories, testimonies and invitations. Let`s see other elements that cope for creating a refined and retro wedding ceremony!


Flowers are also important, try using simple, yet refined flower arrangements, like dry flowers that always look fresh and have that golden aspect! You see that they are dead, but in the same time these bouquets create a wonderful warm sight! Make sure that these floral arrangements are made out of many flowers and that are tight with a golden lace!
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If you didn`t like the idea of dead flowers, but ever resistant, here`s another variant for you: try using a parrot cage in a white color and fill it with your favorite flowers! The resulting effect will be simply glamorous! Green with the buds of the flowers and the exterior white cage! Certainly overwhelming!

The salon must be accordingly to the motif of your wedding! Try to apply for a place that has some vintage elements of decoration: chandeliers, specific accessories of lighting, golden motifs here and there, round tables, wooden chairs and a carpet made out of floral motifs! Oh and let`s not forget about the table cover, make sure it has some flowers on it, and don`t use covers for the chairs, try to leave them in the way that they are!


Last, but not least is the wedding cake! Make sure it`s also vintage! How can a cake be a vintage accessory? Well, it`s simple: use flowers on it as well, different circular models! And on top of the cake, put a vase filled with flowers! The image created will certainly be excellent! You can make an elegant cake in two layers and make sure there are some pearls on the cake here and there, because as you already know it`s a vintage motif! It can be a motif not only for the bride, but also for the cake as you can see! How about a black and white cake?

You certainly didn`t think at a certain model! The model is simple: three layers of sweet ingredients, on the first layer place some circular lines all around the cake and a bow in the middle, just make sure you obtain it in a black nuance, you can also place some dots on the cake, as long as they`re black! Make sure the final layer has a bow too and on top of it place some black roses made out of sweet stuff! It`s a great idea, isn`t it? How can it not be a marvelous idea? After all, it`s vintage, remember?


As you can see vintage seems to be inspiring and it will be inspiring for us all the time! Certainly it`s a great field that needs to be exploited and most of you have some great ideas above that you can take advantage of and apply these ideas in your wedding day! Certainly you`ll be successful!