Wedding decorations

wedding-decorationsWhat are the common decorations used in a wedding? Do the table arrangements, the dance ring or the candles mean everything when it comes to weddings? Certainly there are much more assets that belong to the decorating area….

In the last few years there is a tendency for floral arrangements and to these there are added motifs like: butterflies, aquariums with fish, interior and exterior fountains!

Many of you may dream your wedding day to look like a day in a castle, so the clothes that you wear and the ambient can help you make your dream come true: precious floral arrangements, candle decorations, multi-layered cakes, torches, table and chair arrangements organza type, shiny vessel and tableware and in the end a firework show!

There are some couples that fixed their wedding day exactly at the end of the year… so how is that wedding going to be decorated? It`s obvious there are going to be used winter motifs like: the traditional Christmas tree, globes and many lights and plenty of fireworks… it will certainly be a wonderful ceremony and won`t be forgot (2 in 1) festivity!


What are the easiest spots to decorate? Certainly those arrangements in the open air, there you can use your imagination and play with your ideas. The toughest place to decorate is a closed one, inside an important building that has many architectural elements; it would be very tiring to decorate this kind of place!

Certainly this year was the year of flowers, because more and more lovebirds have chosen their wedding central theme: flowers! It is a refreshing motif that creates a serene air and also tranquility!

Colors like beige, gold or white seem to be appropriate for all kinds of places and are like a salvation for the persons that don`t know exactly what to use for their general decoration! Obviously these nuances may be used particularly by those that want a classical and refined theme for their wedding! These colors guarantee success!


For those willing to get out of the pattern of normality, they may use courageous colors like red, pink, blue or violet for their decorations, but not in excess not to darken the atmosphere too much!
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There is a range of models for decorations you can chose from, take a magazine, or browse on the internet and certainly you will find nice examples of decorating your wedding place! Another thing is that you read the recommendations above and the examples given and these may be a starting point for you!