15 Unique Wedding Table Topper Ideas


Your wedding is a memorable moment you want to relive again and again. You also want to leave your guests in awe of the organization and effort put in place. What better way of getting this done than adding a touch of ‘personality’ to the wedding ceremony? This would reflect your love for each other and speak volumes about your organizational prowess.


Branding your wedding centerpiece with something as simple as ‘names’ could just be what you need to keep your wedding unique and remembered for a long time. We want your wedding to be a massive success and have put together 15 unique wedding table topper card ideas to get you pumped about your nuptials.


  1.  Movie buffs? How about spicing your wedding tables with names of your favorite movies which most of your guests can relate to?
  2.  Want to go further with the movie theme? You can go further to name those tables after actors or actresses or even “houses” if you are both massive GOT fans.
  3. Are you more inclined to music? Then make those tables reflect your love for specific music DJ(s), band or group.
  4.  Another great centerpiece idea is a photo collage of your pre-wedding photos.
  5.  Another alternative idea for your wedding table topper is sweets. Yup! If you are both lovers of sweets, you can have each table named after one of your favorite sweets and a bowl of that sweet placed in the center of the table.    
  6.  Love cartoons? You can have your favorite cartoon or Disney characters placed in the center of each table.
  7.  Take your guests across the world with capital cities of different countries.  
  8.  Table for 12? Make it a fun, and unique table topper with each calendar month.
  9.  Football lovers and having a sports themed wedding? Let your wedding guests feel your passion for the sports with names of football clubs.
  10.  You can also add a little ‘premium’ spice to your table topper with names luxurious designers. Calling each table “Louis Vuitton”, “Tom Ford”, “Coco Chanel” can make it look and sound rich and alluring.
  11.  Having your wedding in a castle? You should consider having the names of historic kings, queens, and noblemen placed on each table.
  12.  If you are more of a philosopher and your better half finds it cute, you can pick out names of famous philosophers.
  13.  Lover of art? Consider using names of art legends like Picasso, Andy Warhol
  14.  You can also have tables named after writers of your favorite romantic poems like Alan Poe, William Shakespeare, Leigh Hunt, and so on with a line from their poem placed on the table.  
  15.  Another cute centerpiece idea is colorful Royal Essence candles. Using vibrant colored candles can bring the shine to your wedding. You want your wedding guests feeling cheerful and colorful candles do this trick.