Black is the new white

It seems that the black is considered to be the new white – and you’ve read pretty correct. No matter on how fond of classical stuff you are, no matter how many melancholic feelings overwhelm you when you feel wrapped around with white tulle around you, the designers from Paris have decided to torn down all myths.

black is the new white

One of the most surprising trends seems to be that in which the bride wears a black wedding gown.

From very well known designers like Max Chaoul to the more modest fashion houses, when it comes to the moment of choosing the wedding dress in France, black is the new white.
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More and more designers seem to go away from the classical look in sleeveless bridal gowns to pastel wedding dresses – and they seem to do a very god job with it.

But this doesn’t mean that the distinct color of the bridal gown has disappeared entirely. The white tones have been substituted with pistachio, pale yellow, gold, rose, ivory, sky blue and so on….

If you want to be a daring bride in your wedding day that’s the right way in doing it! In fact, throughout the time we’ve suggested to you several models of bridal gowns, which are really great looking and it’s a real pity if you didn’t take them into account.

black is the new white 2

You can observe interesting and playful games of black and white – gorgeous combinations of black and white in which the corset has flower embroidery on and this is done in a very playful mode.

So, there’s the black corset that you can take into account and with flower details on it – special looking embroidery that is going to create an interesting visual effect. Ribbons look cute as well! A white skirt for the wedding dress and a black ribbon made of satin, the same type of fabric used in the lower side of the piece of clothing….

Besides these details that were mentioned above, there are other more to be taken into account, like the interesting blending of black portions of fabric on the surface of the bridal gown: a very well delimited area underneath the breasts that serves as waist line and which is going to delimit clearly the breasts and it’s going to make them look gorgeous.

Also, a great blending of details is definitely a white wedding dress, similar to milk and worn with a pair of black gloves made of satin or maybe of another type of precious fabric.

These are details that need to be taken into account in case you want to be a daring bride and look unique in the same time!