Cinderella wedding dress

Every woman wants to look special in her wedding day and so she applies for different types of dresses, be these traditional or special with certain features. In the lines to come we decided to present you some interesting models of Cinderella wedding dresses and we know that every woman enjoys watching these and maybe wishes for applying for such a dress in that special day!

We start with a Cinderella wedding dress that is sleeveless. It is composed of corset and the skirt. The corset is sleeveless, of course and it’s really tight on the bodice. The skirt is very big and it is composed of ruffles. In all, it’s a great looking model of dress and you can be certain that you’re going to look amazing in it, similar to that character from fairy tales.

Cinderella wedding dress

The next model with which we continue our recollection of Cinderella wedding dresses is indeed really great looking and it will definitely take your breath away from the first instance. This dress has small sleeves and its corset is really tight on the body, the skirt is puffy and it is composed of great looking plisses and in the back side it has a long train.

Cinderella wedding dress2

Being Cinderella in your wedding day can be kind of difficult you know?! And wearing such a dress is a hard job too! We continue our list of suggestions for wedding dresses with a dress that is made in two pieces: the corset and the really puffed skirt. The corset is really tight on the bodice and it’s sleeveless with a straight neckline, the skirt is really puffed and it is made of ruffles only and in taffeta fabric. It’s indeed a great looking Cinderella dress, but it will definitely be hard to be worn!

Cinderella wedding dress3

Another great model of such wedding dress is definitely this one and you can be sure that you’ll amaze everybody through your look. This dress is sleeveless and it has a tight corset with a ruffled skirt. The corset has nice details on it and it has a sweetheart neckline. The skirt is long and it continues with a small train in the back side; it’s made only of plisses and let’s mention that in the front side it has flower details made of fabric. Indeed, a great thing don’t you think so?

Cinderella wedding dress4

The Cinderella wedding dress can’t be composed only of corset and skirt, really puffy skirt- it can also look like a normal dress with a touch of elegance and style specific to the bride. We continue our list of suggestions for such dresses, with a simple yet elegant model of wedding dress. This one has halter straps, a sweetheart neckline in the front side and in the middle there is a silvery detail.

Cinderella wedding dress5

The dress is tight on the body, but not too much and in the down side it has nice waves and it continues with a nice looking train in the back side. Also, let’s mention that the fabric from which this dress is made of is shiny and it looks as if it flows on the body, it can be silk, satin or chiffon.