Blue weding dresses

Up to this moment, we’ve presented you in general some colorful wedding dresses and we thought and reconsidered in presenting you several wedding dresses in the same color. For instance, this time we wanted to suggest you some blue wedding dresses, what do you think of this idea?

blue weding dresses

The first model of blue wedding dress is made from satin entirely, but this time it’s rougher in order to resist on your body. So, let’s see…. This blue wedding dress has a corset that’s really tied on the upper side of the body up to the thighs.
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On the superior side of the corset there’s a blue ribbon detail, this ribbon is really shiny and it’s in a darker color as the rest of the dress. Let’s also mention that the ribbon ends somewhere in the back side of the dress and it is prolonged up to the train area. The corset ends tied with a zipper and this zipper is covered with some blue strings.

The skirt is the next element from the puzzle. The skirt has some plisses in the upper side in order to create a puffed impression of the downside. Let’s also mention the fact that this dress has a train that continues from the rest of the dress and it goes really great combined with the rest of the gown.

Here’s another interesting model of blue wedding dress. This one is realized in three different tones of blue. For instance there’s the upper side of this dress that’s created from a medium tone of blue, the skirt that’s in the lightest tone of all used and the last one used in the piece of cloth that the bride keeps in her hands as a detail.

The upper side of this dress has a V neckline and it uncovers a big part of the bride’s breasts. Also, this dress has medium straps that have on them some shiny details. The down side of the dress is made of a ruffled area, probably from satin or a different variant of fabric that’s much stronger. The piece of cloth that the bride wears on her hands is made from taffeta or tulle and it goes really great with the other elements presented up to this moment.

blue weding dresses2

The pieces of jewelry that we recommend are made in the same tone as the details on the V neckline. The earrings are long and thin and go really great with the rest of the dress. Also, you don’t need any other details and motifs, because all cope together and there’s no need of applying for other pieces of jewelry.

The last blue wedding dress that we want to recommend is also blue and it’s sexy in the same time. Let’s not also forget to mention that it goes perfectly in this season, because it’s made of light fabric and it uncovers your chest and arms pretty much!

So, this blue wedding dress is in A shape and it’s tied in the upper side up to the thighs area. The down side of this dress, the skirt to be more specific, has nice plisses that really flow. Also, in the upper side there’s a V neckline that continues with spaghetti straps. The left side of the dress has blue embroidery; you’ll look just great wearing this piece, be sure of that!

blue weding dresses3

As for the pieces of jewelry we think that a blue necklace made from light materials would be perfect for this type of dress and with the type of fabric that it’s made of….