Colored Bonny wedding dresses

Bonny wedding dresses have their little something that makes them really special and great to take into account. So, we were thinking we should take these particular dresses into account as well and share with you some wedding dresses pictures, which you can combine, blend, criticize and end up with the right model of wedding dress, which is going to be worn in the big day at your wedding.

So, we were thinking of a strapless wedding dress, first of all and let’s not forget that it’s made in A – style and with a short train in the back side. This one is of course a Bonny wedding dress that has gorgeous details on it, such a red applications on the sides and golden details as well…. Also, another thing that we want to mention about is that it’s perfect in case you were looking for a colored wedding dress – it has red, white and gold in it and it’s not charged with too many details in the same time.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
The other Bonny wedding dress that we were thinking to share with you is made in A – style and it has a sweetheart neckline as well as the fact that it’s strapless. Another thing that we have to mention is related to the flower detail in one side of the wedding dress and also, the wedding dress continues in the back side with a short train.

Let’s also add that we consider this model as well as taking part of the colored wedding dresses, due to the details involved in it….

The other Bonny colored wedding dress that we have to share with you doesn’t look like a normal wedding dress! It has only special details about it and in the same time it’s really sexy and daring. This one is a short wedding dress made in yellow and with black details on the margins as well as a bow detail underneath the breasts. This strapless wedding dress is made in a bright color and the black added there seems to bring even a more interesting light to this wedding dress.

We totally recommend you to apply for such a model of wedding dress as long as you want to be different and on top of all, if your wedding takes place during the summer season, because the wedding dress is made in a small quantity of fabric and it only covers your breasts, bodice and thighs!

Indeed with such a Bonny wedding dress you can’t be missed and certainly some guests are going to have their eyes set on you during the entire ceremony!