Corset wedding dress

The corset wedding dresses are really great looking and make your waist line seem thinner and your breasts have a special aspect. Up to this moment all the dresses that we’ve presented you seemed to have corsets, from our point of view, but isn’t exactly in this way, it’s only a generic name for the upper side of the dress, that in which the bodice is highlighted…. In this topic we recollected some great looking dresses with corset and we hope that you like these.

Let’s start with the first model, which isn’t in the classical white tone, it has a golden touch and it looks just great your body. The corset is really tight on the body and it focuses all the attention towards the waist line and the breasts.

corset wedding dress

The corset has white floral embroidery on it and these symbols continue towards the thighs. The skirt is A shaped with plisses and ruffled areas here and there. Let’s also mention that this dress continues with a nice train in the back side and that it’s sleeveless.
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Another interesting model is definitely this one: it’s made from an embroidered corset and an A shaped skirt with well contoured plisses. Besides the floral embroidery on the corset one can observe some other ones on the down sides of the dress. The dress continues with a slight train in the back side and this element has embroidery as well. It’s a great looking model and we totally recommend it.

corset wedding dress2

Our next suggestion is a corset dress with a really ruffled skirt. This dress is type ball room and it has a modern touch too. The corset has nice looking embroidery, floral maybe. The skirt is really voluptuous, it’s made of taffeta and it has only threaded and ruffled parts in it. It’s indeed an interesting dress, don’t you think so?

corset wedding dress3

Another great looking corset wedding dress isn’t looking in that conventional way you’re thinking of…. As you can observe there’s the upper side of the dress with the corset that’s made together with the skirt. Also, there’s an embroidered area in a different tone from the rest of the dress just around the waist line and finishing where the thighs begin. The breasts are well contoured with the help of a ruffled area on the corset, the cleavage is in sweetheart neckline and the skirt is really nice looking with plisses and it’s really long with a long train. It’s another interesting model of dress and we hope that you like it as well.

corset wedding dress4

Our last suggestion of corset wedding dress has to be this one: an A style dress with a tight corset and with oblique lines. The dress has a nice looking corset formed of two parts: the embroidered area on the breasts and the oblique lines underneath the breasts.

corset wedding dress5

Also in one side of the dress there’s a floral detail with roses, but you can renounce to it if you think it’s too much. The dress has nice looking plisses, really vaguely seen and these look divine in combination with all the elements of this dress.