Cotton wedding dresses

Some future brides take into consideration the fabric from which their wedding dress is realized. Some may adopt the idea of precious fabrics for their wedding dresses, but others would prefer a rather normal type of fabric in which they feel comfortable and certain that they don’t feel itches or something like that. These being said we take into consideration some cotton wedding dresses; we will describe them as we usually do and you draw the conclusions.

We start with a strapless wedding dress. This one is really fine looking and you won’t even notice that it’s made of cotton. You can observe on the margins some embroidery, probably realized in lace or maybe in cotton. The corset is really tight on the body and it highlights the beautiful features of your body. It’s a long dress, with a long skirt and with nice plisses on it. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

cotton wedding dresses

Here’s another beautiful model that will inspire you more than the first. This dress is sleeveless and it has a straight neckline. The corset is really tight on the body and the skirt is made of ruffles in order to create a really puffed impression. You can observe nice looking embroidery on the entire surface of this dress and this is a thing that will definitely enchant you. Also around the waist line there’s a bow detail created of a piece of ribbon in the same tone as the rest of the dress. It’s an interesting model and definitely worth wearing in that special day!

cotton wedding dresses2

We continue with another cotton wedding dress that is of course made of cotton. This dress would be ideal to be worn in this period, more exactly in a spring-summer wedding. You can observe a deep cleavage, the halter straps and the ruffled details in the skirt- on the margins more exactly. Let’s also mention that this dress is short to the knees and it be considered as an informal dress.

cotton wedding dresses3

Here’s another great looking example of cotton wedding dress, which can be worn in a humble wedding that takes place in open air or something like that. Let’s mention that this kind of dress feels really great on the body, in fact you won’t even feel a thing on you. This cotton wedding dress has up to the elbow jeans and you just can observe how it has nice patters on it, with lines and things like that. Let’s also not forget that you can adopt a simple model or one with lines realized under the format of embroidery.

cotton wedding dresses4

Indeed, we’ve got some interesting examples here and we’re sure that you’re going apply for one of these, in case you’re a person that’s more into the simple and humble things.