Designer wedding dresses 3

Here’s another neat looking model of designer wedding dress that we would really love to mention about and that we find really interesting. This tine we’re speaking about a long wedding dress with embroidery on and that has a straight neckline. This particular dress is sleeveless and it has a bolero with short sleeves that has embroidery on it as well. Let’s also mention that underneath the breasts there’s a gold ribbon that serves as waist line and this one is tied with a ribbon in the front side, indeed a nice detail and we’re sure that you’re going to find it really interesting.

designer wedding dresses 3

We continue with another interesting looking wedding dress that has really nice details about it. This one is sleeveless; it has a sweetheart neckline and ruffled details on the entire surface of this bodice. There’s also a shiny ribbon detail placed around the waist line in order to delimit the superior side of the body from the lower one. The skirt is really ruffled and it has some ruffled details at the bottom and let’s not forget about the train in the back side, which is really interesting in combination with the other details and elements.

designer wedding dresses 3 2

We’ve got a model of designer wedding dress, this one is shiny and it definitely recalls of a portion of ice cream. It has a straight neckline with shiny details on and let’s also mention that the corset is really tight and fixed on the body with stripes that highlight your body shapes in a really gorgeous manner. As for the skirt, it’s designed of ruffles, it’s long and t has really interesting details on it. Sincerely we think that this dress has as main inspiration a large amount of cream, it has waves and fine lines, similar to a fresh made cream.

designer wedding dresses 3 3

Here’s another designer wedding dress that you’re going to find interesting as well. this one has thin sleeves and a V neckline highlighting your breasts in a gorgeous manner.

designer wedding dresses 3 4

This dress goes on the body, highlighting your beautiful body shapes. Let’s also mention that this dress probably has as main inspiration the mermaid wedding dresses, you can observe nice looking embroidery on its margin as well as great looking details on the rest of its surface. Also, the veil is made of semi transparent fabric and it looks great in combination with the other elements and details. Also, the dress ends in the back side with a short train and this is another great looking detail that relates to this marvelous dress.