Designer wedding dresses for summer

We know that the models of designer wedding dresses presented up to this moment weren’t exactly for summer. And this is in case you want to browse immediately for a wedding dress for your ceremony that is going to take place in the future time…. In the lines to come we’re going to present you some models that are really gorgeous, these are designer wedding dresses for summer and we’re sure that they’re going to sound tempting and look twice in this way.

We start with our first example that is short and it’s designed in an eco friendly manner in the same time. This dress is short, over the knees it has a sweetheart neckline and halter straps. Underneath the breasts you can observe a golden waist that is realized in shiny details which go really great in combination with the glamorous white of this dress.

designer wedding dresses for summer

The skirt begins just under the breast area and it’s designed from multiple layers of fabric. Let’s also mention that it has nice looking plisses here and there and we’re sure that it is going to fit on you divinely.
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Here’s another great looking model of wedding dress that we’re sure that is going to see pretty gorgeous to you! This one is sleeveless and it has a sweetheart neckline that will highlight your breasts in a very great looking manner. The corsage it tight on the body and it highlights your body shapes. The skirt begins from the waist line and it is ruffled with ruffled details here and there.

You can observe rosette details on the lower side of the skirt made of the same type of fabric as the rest of the gown. On the back side of the dress, exactly where the dress begins you can observe a rose detail made from the same type of fabric as the rest of the skirt. Indeed, we like this type of dress, it’s very comfortable due to the loosened fabric from which it’s made of and it doesn’t involve any difficulties when it comes to wearing it.

We continue our list of designer wedding dresses for summer with another gorgeous model that is made of silk and it’s designed in a very pretty manner.

designer wedding dresses for summer 2

This dress is sleeveless and it has a sweetheart neckline with ruffled details on the bodice and on the entire surface of the skirt down to the knees. Let’s also mention that the skirt is designed in multiple layers of fabric and that it has numerous layers that can be seen with the eyes wide open. In one side of the skirt you can observe the short train which derives from the skirt. This is a gorgeous model, similar to the others and we’re sure that you think in the same manner.