Different Niki Livas wedding dresses

We were browsing for some other models of interesting wedding dresses to take into account in order to create your new one…. And we stumbled over some gorgeous looking Niki Livas wedding dresses that seemed as a really great idea to share with you!

The first Niki Livas wedding dress that we thought it’s a really interesting idea to share with you is made in a really special manner.

Niki Livas wedding dress

This one has halter straps and with an X detail in the back side. You can observe how the back side is uncovered in a pleasant manner as to make you look really youthful and sexy! The golden details are really interesting to be observed on the back side of this wedding dress and they’re continued in the back side with some other gorgeous details, also in golden details and lines. The fabric from which this wedding dress is made of is of the finest and it’s made of thin layers.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

We recommend this informal wedding dress for being worn during a wedding that takes place during the summer season and it’s a really gorgeous piece, one that will definitely make the difference!

There’s this other Niki Livas wedding dress that we were thinking it would be a really nice idea to share with you! We’re speaking about an A line one that has tiered details on the surface of the chest and the waist is very well emphasized through the usage of golden details. This wedding dress has spaghetti straps and it’s done in A line with a short train in the back side. The wedding dress that is presented here is certainly one that is made of the finest fabric and with it on there are few the chances that you won’t feel comfortable in such a wedding dress.

A line wedding dress

You can definitely apply for a colored wedding dress like this one if you want to be indeed different! We were thinking of this strapless wedding dress made in blue tone with ruffled details here and there on the surface of the skirt.

Colored wedding dress

Another thing that needs to be added is related to this area around the sweetheart neckline that has embroidered details and it’s indeed gorgeous in combination with the other details.

We wanted to mention also about the A line model of this wedding dress, which seems to be suitable for every type of body shape and the color of the wedding dress – it’s simply dazzling and makes the difference!

No matter on which of these wedding dresses you set your eyes on, the final visual effect is indeed interesting and great to be taken into account….