Dresses ripped out of fairy tales

We continue our series of fairy tale gowns and we’re going to present some other interesting models that may represent a source of inspiration for your own wedding. Good luck in picking the appropriate dress!

dresses ripped out of fairy tales

Our fist dress is made of tulle with organza of silk. The dress is made of two parts: corsage and skirt. The corsage is beautifully embroidered with crystals and it’s with one sleeve over the shoulder. Let’s also mention that over the corsage there is a ruffled part made of a different color of organza. The skirt is puffed and it has nice embroideries on the exterior side. We consider this dress as ripped from a fairy tale story and it’s really interesting. The pieces of jewelry can be left behind, because with all its details this dress seems to have it all.
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There’s another interesting model that’s made of taffeta with silk veil and pearl embroidery. This model is A type with a nice corsage with two embroidered sleeves. The dress has also a floral detail in one side of the skirt. Let’s also mention that on the left side there is a long trail with nice floral embroideries here and there.

dresses ripped out of fairy tales2

We recommend you to wear a fine accessory in the hair, some earrings and a bracelet. All these pieces of jewelry should be sparkling and maybe made of semiprecious stones.

We continue with a simple, yet “charged” dress. The simplicity is denoted by the model of the dress and the cuts and on the other side, there are those nice embroideries that make this dress seem too much for many of you. The materials used are embroidered tulle over organza and this exterior fabric has nice floral embroideries in a darker tone.

dresses ripped out of fairy tales3

Let’s mention also that the skirt is straight, it isn’t puffed too much and there is a deep cleavage too and where it ends you can find some floral details made of a cream fabric. The sleeves are nice and go really well on the shoulders, also in perfect coordination with the great looking necklace, which has a creamy tone too. You can wear also a bracelet that goes really well with the necklace (which can be considered as oversized).

There’s also a lace dress with embroideries on it and with tulle plissé. The corsage is sleeveless and it has some fine crystal embroideries on it. The dress is really puffed and it has puffy layers made of tulle and these look really interesting.

dresses ripped out of fairy tales4

Let’s also mention that instead of a piece of jewelry you can wear a nice ribbon or a detail made of tulle. It goes really great with this type of dress.

Similar to the model presented above is another dress, also with puffed skirt, which isn’t made of layers like in the previous dress. The corsage has as well a nicely embroidered corsage and it looks really interesting. We continue with the pieces of jewelry that you can use: a tiara, with a pair of sparkling chandelier earrings and a nice bracelet too. Simply breathtaking, don’t you think so?

dresses ripped out of fairy tales5

The last model of dress is made of satin with interesting embroideries, made of pearls in the upper side of the décolleté. The dress is wavy in its down side and it has a long trail in the left part.

dresses ripped out of fairy tales6

You can apply for using a hair accessory, a necklace, earrings and a bracelet: the entiackage as you can observe!