Elianna Moore wedding dresses

More and more women seem to apply for the designer wedding dresses due to the fact that they can be considered pretty unique and in the same time you can be sure that with such a wedding dress you’re not going to fail.

We’ve decided to share with you some unique wedding dresses which are signed Elianna Moore and let’s admit the fact that with such a piece on you you’re going to rock your wedding! So, here are some Elianna Moore wedding dresses, which are going to enchant your eyes pretty much.

We were thinking of starting with a special wedding dress, one that is made in A – style and of shiny and smooth fabric.

Elianna Moore wedding dresses

So, you can observe tiered details on the surface of the bodice as well as on the areas around the thighs. In one side of the wedding dress you can observe ruffled details and they’re done in waves and waves and in the same time they’re blended perfectly together as to create a really gorgeous visual impression. This sleeveless wedding dress with straight neckline is worn with a bolero with long sleeves and made of the same type of fabric and in the same color. Indeed, gorgeous if you ask us!
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Here’s the other designer wedding dress that we wanted to suggest to you – we’re speaking about an A – style wedding dress which is sleeveless and it has only gorgeous details about it. So, this one has a sweetheart neckline and it’s made in this style, which seems to advantage all the body shapes. You can observe on the surface of this dress some embroidered details that are placed on the bodice as well as on the skirt. In the front side there’s a ruffled detail that seems to go really interesting with the other elements.

Elianna Moore wedding dresses 2

This Elianna Moore wedding dress continues itself in the back side with a short train and these elements blend indeed in a gorgeous manner and you can be certain that you’re not going to regret applying for it.

The next model of Elianna Moore wedding dress is definitely this one and it’s also really interesting. We’re speaking about this gorgeous piece that is made in A – style and it’s designed in two different types of fabric : a shiny one and really smooth and the skirt is made from taffeta, multiple layers.

Elianna Moore wedding dresses 3

This unique wedding dress has a V neckline with thin straps, tiered details on the bodice and on one side of the wedding dress you can observe rose details made of shiny fabric. They all go greatly together and the visual impression created is indeed unique.