Ideas of color wedding dresses

In case you’re fed up of the traditional white wedding dress and you want that the most important day of your life to be as nonconformist as possible, then there’s the option in which you can apply for a color wedding dress.

There are some women who think that tradition isn’t important, not even in the canons of fashion, because they wear only what they think it’s suitable for them and what defines their style exactly and for the most of the cases they do it without having any remorse or prejudice.

ideas of color wedding dresses

It seems that before the 19th century the color wedding gown was worn especially in yoga, being considered that blue is the color that represents the purity of the bride. The one that gave the start in the inspiration of wedding dresses for the following times is Queen Victoria I of the United Kingdom in the year 1840, who wore a white wedding dress made of satin and adorned with orange plant flower and embroidered lace.
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The bride had to be really elegant, to wear a unique wedding dress and to stop all the eyes on her. The famous designers have renounced to the idea of the bride getting dressed in white. They take into account the colors, the cut and the fabrics that are in tendency.

If you fear that you’re too eccentric then you can apply for some small accessories in colors that are going to transform you for sure into an atypical bride. Of course, it’s necessary to have a little bit of courage for wearing a colored bridal gown; it depends on the color that you decide to apply for.

If you’re going to apply for tones like cream, gold or for ivory then you don’t have any reason to fear of, the difference is so small that it won’t matter that much. If you’re a romantic person, you can opt for a white wedding dress with red flower applications that are going to make you refined and elegant.

Your guests are going to remain with their eyes se on you, due to the fact that you’re going to look really pure and gorgeous! If you want to get out of the ordinary then you can choose a red dress, blue or purple! Surely all the eyes are going to look at you.

A modality of choosing the color of a bridal gown is to get inspired from nature. If you’re in spring you most likely have to take into account pastel tones like pink, purple, blue or yellow. During the summer you can use powerful colors like red, purple or lila.

During the fall you can try golden, yellow, tones of orange or chocolate. The wedding dresses can be worn without fear as long as you choose light tones: salmon, pink, blue, obviously in combination with white or cream.