Materials for wedding dresses

Wearing the wedding gown involves several aspects. The primary aspect involved is that regarding the material. It`s clear you can`t wear a dress made out of a transparent material if don`t have a thin body! Besides the material, the cut is also an important aspect and highlights your best features.


Depending on what material the gown is made of, the bride will look in a certain way and her body will be revealed in a certain way!

There are several materials that can be used for the wedding gown; one of these materials is taffeta, which is made of shiny silk, light and fine at feeling, when it is moved a sound is produced. This material is considered to be extravagant and it has always been used at ball and wedding gowns, in the skirts especially and in the veil!
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Silk is a wonderful material, which can be used to highlight the beauty of your body and if you want a fluid dress. This material is not recommended in case you want to hide the abdomen and hips, in that area you can use organza or tulle, if you don`t want an entire dress made out of silk!

Speaking of organza, it`s a material similar to chiffon with a rigid texture, often used in the inferior side of the dress, especially in the skirt area, to give volume and an extravagant look! This material isn`t recommended to be used in making an entire dress, because it`s relatively transparent.

Lace is also an interesting material, it`s the most commonly used material in wedding dresses, it`s used in embroideries and in different decorative roles! Using lace in some areas of the dress can be a good choice: on the bust, at the base of the dress, on the little sleeves and so on….


Satin is also a good material that can make a wedding dress, it`s a light material, used especially in straight dresses, type mermaid and reveal all the beautiful shapes of the body! This material isn`t recommended if you avoid showing the abs and the hips area (as silk)!
Brocade is a wonderful material, but it`s though in the same time, it was embroideries on the exterior side.

You can use such a material if you want a vintage dress, but certainly you won`t use it if your wedding takes place in the summer time or in a warm climate! Indeed, you can use such a material if you`re romantic and you want a regal wedding!

Chiffon is recommended in the warm areas, it`s a transparent material and very smooth, it can be used in sleeves, or if you want a fluid dress, you can`t use this material in structured dresses!


No matter what material you choose to use for your wedding gown, make sure it highlights your best body parts, and it`s made in such a cut to do that! If you want to underline your breasts area, you can use a cut , if you want to show your legs, make sure you have a cut that underlines that particular area!