Spanish wedding dresses

We continue our cultural passage through the global wedding dresses and we continue with the Spanish wedding dresses. Before starting to present our suggestions we would like to mention some features regarding these types of dresses: the upper side is tight on the body and it highlights all kinds of details, the inferior side, the skirt is realized most of the times in ruffles and pompous models.

Our first suggestion of Spanish wedding dress is really divine looking and you have to endure lost of efforts into wearing it.

spanish wedding dresses

The superior side is composed of a tight on the body part with a deep cleavage, this part has short sleeves and it is realized entirely of floral embroidery. The inferior side of the dress is made in ruffles and the skirt is really pompous, continuing in the front side with a long train. It’s indeed an interesting model of such dress, isn’t it?
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Here’s also an interesting model of Spanish wedding dress. it has deep cleavage in the front side and the breasts are clearly delimited with the help of the model and fabric. The front sides of the dress are continued in the back side with spaghetti straps and let’s mention also that the back side of this dress is naked, uncovering your fresh features.

spanish wedding dresses2

The dress is composed of lace embroidery and beginning from the knee area you can observe ruffled areas made in taffeta. Indeed, it’s an interesting model to see and it has at the basis the Spanish influence.

Here’s another wedding dress that has the same influence at the basis! This one isn’t characterized through the model, but by the symbols used: the floral embroidery on the bodice and the rose detail on the border of the corset. So the corset is made entirely of floral embroidery and the skirt is large and it adopts the princess look type.

spanish wedding dresses3

The details characterize this dress also, and not the model as you may think. This dress has a V cleavage and on the bodice exactly between the breasts there is a silver detail with great looking symbols, typical of the Spanish culture. The dress is really tight from the bodice and continuing down to the thighs area. In the lower side you can observe nice looking waves and some oblique lines in one side of the dress. Another interesting one as you can see, but it isn’t the last on the list….

spanish wedding dresses4

And to end in a Spanish tone we suggest another interesting looking model of such dress, this one is sleeveless and it has a puffed detail just over the corset line. The basic dress is tight on the body; let’s also mention that the skirt is created only of puffed areas and ruffles, very similar to those traditional dresses that the dancers play with during their dances.

spanish wedding dresses5

This dress has a long train and we think that it’s an object of art with all the elements encountered on it.