Summer wedding flowers

Maybe you’re preparing even in this moment for your wedding that takes place in the summer time. Well, it should be definitely in this way and let’s also say that it’s hard to make a decision when it comes to the summer wedding flowers that you have to choose for your ornaments and arrangements. Most of the people apply for the classical rose, but there are others also that want to get out of the ordinary and use something special. We found some interesting flowers and combinations of flowers and maybe you’re interested in knowing about them….

Our first suggestion is a nice mixture of roses with peonies. The basic colors for which you can apply are vanilla white and faded pink.

summer wedding flowers

These go really great together and create a really interesting chromatic effect. Let’s also mention that this arrangement would look even perfect if you place it in a glass vase and throw some petals around it…. Indeed divine looking and nice smelling be sure of that!
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And speaking about peonies in white and pink, here’s a nice idea that will definitely sound tempting from the first time you’re going to see it. How about some peony buds placed in ice cream cones and putting them in front of each guest’s place?! You would never have thought of this idea, be sure of that! On top of the big bud of flower you may apply for adding a small carnation bud in order to make the imagery completed!

summer wedding flowers2

You may also want to know about a great combination of colors and flowers. There are so many flowers that bloom in this period and there’s a big range from where to choose from. Besides, the lilies, roses, lilac and peonies you can also choose some other types of flowers like: azaleas, daphnes, rhododendrons or rubelas and the list can continue…. Mix all these types of flowers that we’ve been mentioning previously and you’re going to end with a nice looking ornament that can be certainly placed in the middle of a table or wherever you wish.

summer wedding flowers3

Another great idea would be to take a normal basket and beginning to fill it literally with your favorite flowers from angle to angle so that there’s no free space left. Make sure that the flower’s buds are really great looking and you can observe every petal and shape. Indeed interesting idea, simple and it won’t be a hard thing to realize it.

summer wedding flowers4

You can apply for a cylindrical glass vase that is transparent and very long and fill it with pretty colored flowers. Also, at the basis of these flowers there should be the leaves and other green elements, all combined together should create an amazing visual effect and be sure that you’ll have an immense success with this idea.

summer wedding flowers5