Tips for color wedding dresses

Like in the case of white wedding dresses the color wedding dresses need also a helping hand when it comes to choosing them. This is how we thought it would be a really great idea to share with you some hints concerning the manner in which you have to act when it comes to choosing a color wedding dress.

So, the most important thing when it comes to color wedding dresses is the fact that you have to pay attention to the details and accessories that you apply for. Don’t forget that you’re going to have colors on you and this means that you have to remain “calm” at the level of the wedding accessories.

tips for color wedding dresses

Avoid excesses in any manner. Besides the fact that they’re going to be unaesthetic they’re going to make you look charged. This means that your personality is stronger than that of the wedding dress; this means just a visual element. Maybe you’ve noticed just how spectacular and pleasant is this decorative detail in a color that is encountered at the other side on the chromatic scheme, apart from the initial color.
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The complementary colors are overwhelming this idea, but take into account the contrasts bright and dark, warm and color in order to create visual effect as interesting as possible. Some suggestions that we can offer you to blend in the color wedding dress? Combinations of white and cream, red and white and green and ochre….

If you already took into account the colored wedding dress and you’ve browsed for several examples, surely you’ve noticed that the majority of the wedding dresses have a simple cut. In most of the cases, the upper side is sleeveless, not even straps can be observed there and they’re going to adopt the corset model as well.

tips for color wedding dresses 2

Why? Because a long wedding dress, especially if it’s a strong color, if it’s needed it adopts the model of the straps extremely thin. Especially if the rest of the wedding dress is large or it has other decorations less or more voluminous – like flowers made of the same type of fabric or of the wedding dress, bows and so on. If the long sleeves or even three quarters ones are out of the discussion then the same stays for the case of the gloves.

The elegance is not going to ever fade away!

The long gloves mixed with the wedding dress are always going to be like a touch of elegance and refinement. So, if you don’t want long gloves, choose a model that is going to leave your fingers free. This will add a plus of mystery and refinement, but pay attention to the number of accessories and the details for the wedding dress in order to be sure that you’re not going to fail!