Trendy wedding dresses in this spring

Some days ago we’ve presented some amazing looking wedding dresses, really in trend, more specifically fashionable in this spring period. We continue our recollection of such great looking gowns with other ones and this time we promise to impress you as well.

trendy wedding dresses in this spring

The first model we want to mention about is really glamorous looking due to the patterns on the material and the model too. It is made of two pieces: corsage and puffed skirt.

The corsage is really tight on the waist area and it is made of rough material; the skirt is really puffed and it’s made of taffeta with nice looking patterns on it, like shiny lines and here and there you can observe some floral motifs on it; we forgot to mention also that the corsage has in the front side just under the breasts a great looking bow made of a white, shiny ribbon: it’s a simple and great looking detail that makes this dress really precious.

We forgot to mention that this dress is really long and it adopts a little bit the model of the fairy tale gown. Also it has a long veil, transparent but with the same motifs encountered on the skirt: those fine lines and shiny in the same time.

Another trendy model of dress seems to have a medieval inspiration. This dress is made of a shiny and silvery material with ruffled margins in the down side of the dress and some ruffled details in the front side of the corsage.

trendy wedding dresses in this spring2

We forgot to mention the fact that this dress is made of a corsage and a big dress in the down side of the dress. The corsage is of course sleeveless and we enjoy pretty much the inferior side of the skirt. It’s an exquisite model as well and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

The final model of dress imitates the dresses from the fairy tales: it’s made entirely of taffeta, it’s really shiny and it gives you the impression of foam, at least this is the impression that it gives us. It is type corsage and puffed skirt and it has floral embroideries beginning from the upper side of the corsage and continuing to the skirt area.

trendy wedding dresses in this spring3

We hope that you’ve enjoyed all of the models we’ve presented up to this moment and maybe it represents a source of inspiration for your wedding day!

In a way or another all of these dresses are special and certainly these look special. You can make a dress starting from one of the dresses we’ve presented up to this moment, nut you can apply for some other materials that aren’t as expensive as the ones that are used originally for these dresses.