Dream wedding dresses by Vera Wang

Ivanka Trump the inheritor of one of the biggest empires in the world, Mariah Carey and Shun Lau, who is a goddess without age have fulfilled the desires of every woman: a perfect wedding and a Vera Wang wedding dress.

In the last year’s collection a multitude of women have their eyes wide open for finding the well the wedding dress they’ve always dreamed of. What’s so great about Vera Wang that makes her be this popular?

dream wedding dresses by Vera Wang

In all the skating and dance years …. These seem to be the secrets of this bridal designer. She can’t realize anything without thinking a way or another how the body of the woman is going to look like when it’s in movement or resting.

When she creates a wedding dress with corset she makes sure that she makes in such a manner that the bride can dance in it. In fact, no one knows if these extraordinary experiences made Vera Wang this great or all was Vera Wang that made all these experience seem extraordinary.
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Wang grown up in a rich family in New York in 1949. Her mother thought her all about style and her father has shown her the Chinese traditions.

She wanted to become a skater, but she didn’t quite succeed in doing it and this at the level of the United States. She then chose to concentrate over the second passion, which are clothes. Faith helped her when she was hired by the Vogue magazine.

She worked in a mediocre position due to the lack of formal instruction, but she had the opportunity of studying and learning everything over the fashion industry. Her hard work hasn’t been unnoticed and in a period of two years Vera Wang ended up being a senior redactor of the fashion magazine.

dream wedding dresses by Vera Wang 2

Luckily she ended up being a designer for wedding dresses and now Vera Wang wedding dresses are among the most wanted assets among brides. All her decisions when it comes to wedding gowns start from understanding the market and what do the modern women want from their wedding dresses.

As editor in the fashion world she has frequent contracts for many European brands. She the felt the emptiness from the American industry and she decided to go from Ralph Lauren in order to impose herself as a wedding dress designer.

Vera Wang has opened a luxury salon in Manhattan, New York in order to present her collection. She started to search and establish contacts with her target clients and attracted the mass – media attention at the right moment.

When she creates a wedding dress, Vera Wang should develop the personality of a woman. She wants that people perceive the wedding dress and concentrate over the woman. After her success in the wedding dresses field she extended in other domains of fashion.