The Recipe for the Perfect James Bond Styled Wedding


James Bond is a British icon like no other. With the 24th Bond film being released in October 2015, Bond is an icon which has been played by no less than six incredible actors since 007’s 1962 debut, Dr. No. With this in mind, it makes sense that people around the world are thinking about throwing their very own James Bond styled weddings and parties. While parties can be fairly low key, if you’re throwing a Bond themed wedding, it’s important that you do it right. Here’s the recipe for the perfect James Bond themed wedding.


First things first, the bride and groom need to pick their favourite Bond and Bond Girls. If the groom is showing up as Sean Connery’s Bond, it wouldn’t be ideal to have 6 other Connerys waltzing around the dancefloor looking for Pussy Galore. While the bride and groom are deciding who they want to be, make sure they decide whether or not the Bond villains are invited.


The beautiful thing about there being 24 Bond films to choose from is that there are no shortage of props to add to your wedding. Whether you’re looking for a Jaws themed bottle opener for the bar, a couple of golden mannequins or even just a private casino for your guests to try their luck at, there is a lot for you to source from here. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse for a Bond marathon.


Bond travels everywhere in style. Whether he’s HALO jumping like in Tomorrow Never Dies, a luxury yacht like in From Russia With Love, or even his iconic Aston Martin DB5 which has appeared in no less than 7 Bond movies (there are 12 Bond movies to date with have Bond in an Aston Martin – he just loves the DB5), Bond does it in style.

Unfortunately, the DB5 isn’t quite built for weddings. With this in mind, no Bond themed wedding would be complete without the bride and groom arriving and departing in a Rolls Royce Phantom, with the help of their London chauffeur. This stunning car isn’t just topical, it’s also a beauty to look at.



Of course, a big part of capturing your memories of the day lies in photographing the entire event. Choose a photographer who knows Bond, who knows Goldfinger from The Man with the Golden Gun, and what they had in common other than the titular metal. For the record, they both featured the Rolls Royce Phantom. With a photographer who knows their stuff, you’ll be able to get the themed shots you’d want from your wedding, from the iconic barrel of the gun shots, to shots of the cars, the guests in character and any Bond themed food or drink you have out for your guests.


The last thing you need to be sure of is that the wedding speech is perfect. Not just any speech will do – the best man will need to sum up why the groom is awesome, why the couple are perfect for each other, say something about how diamonds are forever and fit in any other topical references that might elicit a chuckle, without going overboard. We won’t give you any more tips on the speech other than that the groom and the best man can probably use it as a great excuse for one last Bond marathon before the big day.