Find out which are the multi tasks of a wedding wine bottle

Wine is the beverage that shouldn’t miss from any wedding. It quenches the thirst, it is appropriate to be served with certain dishes and it is definitely elegant if attentively picked. But, I am sure you would like to learn more about a multi tasking wedding wine bottle.
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To begin with, it would be just fine if you would replace the etiquette of your wine bottles with another one that has written on it the number of each table. It will help you a lot to be organized and to create a unique table design. As a result, go for this trick and place such a bottle on each table from your wedding restaurant.

Find out which are the multi tasks of a wedding wine bottleCredit
Find out which are the multi tasks of a wedding wine bottle

Also, if you could place, let’s say three bottles of wine, containing the same number on these tables would be fantastic, because in this case, your bottles of wine could also be used as wedding favours. In this way, every couple sitting at the table will take on bottle of wine home, as a gift from you.

It goes without saying that these bottles will also play a decorative role at your wedding party. They will create a special wedding décor and besides that your tables will be arranged in a fabulous manner. Everybody knows that every table in the wedding restaurant must have a centrepiece that everyone could admire. As a result you should really go for something practical and delicious, such as a high quality bottle of wine.

If you are determined in offering your guests such wedding favours, you should write on the bottles’ etiquette, next to the number of the table, your names and the date of your wedding. In this way, they will keep these gifts forever and they will always remember where they got them from.

Thus, try this special wedding favour, wedding table number, wedding decorative item and so on, in order to make sure that your special nuptials will always be remembered. So, go for a multi tasking wine bottle and you will save some money and at the same time you will expose an elegant décor.