Insert the ideal gift in your wedding favor boxes

The most common idea that the bride and the groom choose for their nuptials comes in the shape of wedding favor boxes, which contain in most of the cases sweets. Of course, this may seem a dull idea, but it seems to us among the most popular details which you can apply for and in the same time you can be unique through the details that you place in these wedding favor boxes, like an aspirin or a small figurine that recalls the guests of you two!
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In case you’re thinking of a budget wedding then the option with the wedding favors that contain sweets is just fine, appropriate and really useful. In the following lines, we’re going to make suggestions of different wedding favors boxes, which have an affordable price as well and we think that they’re really pretty looking in the same time.

The first wedding favors boxes that we want to share to you are made in a lovely manner.

We’re speaking about a miniature chest box, which is made of cardboard and which you can easily fill with bonbons, colored ones and in the same time you’re going to be able to add any other details you want there, it’s your wedding, you make the rules!

This other wedding favor box that we were thinking of is made in the shape of a cube. Also, it’s designed from semi transparent material in such a way as to see what it contains, but in the same time it creates a nice visual effect, even if you can observe what the box contains!

If you think that the first two suggestions of wedding favors boxes seem just too ordinary, then a box made in the shape of a butterfly will do the job for sure…. So, we’re speaking about a butterfly shaped box that is made of cardboard and semi transparent layers. This one should be filled with jelly bonbons or sweets made in a similar tone as the butterfly shaped box!

A porcelain wedding favors box is certainly a great choice! Not only is it lovely looking, but in the same time they’re really elegant. So, if you decided for an elegant wedding theme this is certainly the right accessory to take into account! What can you place in it? We were thinking of a chocolate piece or some other fillings, like a small figurine or something that will recall your guests of their attendance to your wedding.

As you can observe when it comes to wedding favors boxes you also have to make sure that you make the concordance with the wedding themes. You might make a pick, but you don’t do it randomly, you have to do it in such a way that it suits with the rest of the elements and details.