Q: “Do You Have Any Bridal Shower Menu Ideas?”

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Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

Picking the menu for a bridal shower party isn’t as easy as it looks. Lots of guests, lots of expectations and lots of food preferences. The simplest rule to follow is to keep guests in mind and prepare foods based on their palate but at the same time realizing that you probably can’t please everybody. Don’t be afraid to keep things easy either, often the best bridal showers serve a simple menu of wine and cheese. Although the food and gifts add to the festivities, the focus should be on having some stress free fun for the bride and her guests.

Appetizers – vegetables and dip, assorted cheeses, crackers, chips, nuts, etc.

The Main Meal – salad and a casserole works well and serves many guests. Select a menu that can be prepared ahead of time, (lasagne, baked ziti, grilled chicken breasts, fried chicken, meatballs) because you don’t want to be busy in the kitchen when you could be mingling with your guests. Also consider where the guests will be eating. It may be best to serve finger foods, or foods that are bite sized so no cutting is involved.

For vegetarians – If some of your guests are vegetarians, include a meatless dish such as a bean or eggplant casserole and pasta salad. If you plan to serve a chicken or shrimp salad, put aside some of the salad in a separate bowl before adding the chicken or shrimp.

Drinks – coffee, tea, soft drinks and/or punch. Mimosa (orange juice with champagne) is good for a brunch. This can be used to toast the bride. If you don’t want to serve liquor, there are many good non-alcoholic champagne choices available now.

Dessert Shower – specially decorated cake, pies, fruit tray with cream cheese dip, cookies, brownies or any home made treat.

Sunday Brunch Shower: Bagels, fresh seasonal fruit, mini danish, scones, breakfast quiche, fresh squeezed OJ, Bloody Marys, Mimosas, coffee in a variety of flavors, assorted teas.

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