How to Use Technology to Add the Wow Factor to Your Wedding Even Weddings

While marriages may be made in heaven, in the modern world, technology can make your special day even more special! In fact, one in every three couples already uses technology when exchanging vows, something you expect from smartphone-addicted millennials. In order to get on the trend and make your wedding day even more special, here are a few tips.

Live Wedding

Remember Meghan and Harry who had the entire world watching their wedding, long-distance guests who sent no to your RSVP due to distance or ill health can join in the celebration. All you need to do is send them a password to log onto your protected live stream on YouTube channel or wedding site. These technologies will have your loved-ones enjoy every moment of your ceremony, from exchanging rings to throwing the bouquet!

Even better, you don’t even have to hire an entire TV crew. Instead, have a friend or family member log onto platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and periscope via a phone. The platforms offer you cost-effective means of DIYing your wedding stream through a live broadcast.

Alternatively, have a bridesmaid act as the social maid of the day that is in charge of a video conference call attached to a 360-degree camera for all-angle viewing for your virtual guests. If you have a photo and video crew, discuss the options you have. They may provide the right mics, cameras, and Internet connection without pixilated feed.

3D Wedding Affair

Love is not two-dimensional, so your wedding shouldn’t be? Today, 3D technology is fast making its way into weddings through customized edibles, to cake toppers and even wedding souvenirs.

While talented cake artists can make your wedding cake match your theme, and make it edible, 3D can minimize your expenses as you maximize on your venue. This is a great option for couples that cannot afford lavish destinations. 3D mapping can allow you to transform that ordinary ballroom into an English castle with an imposing archway that complements your wedding theme, as an example.

The only thing in your way is your imagination! 3D imaging allows you to convert a desolate desert scene into frosted snowy woods via projection mapping, and you can enhance the scene with sounds, animation, smell and plenty of other interactive features!

Online Wishlists

Wedding registries are no longer in-store purchase affairs at your local department stores; instead, you just choose items from anywhere with a click on your phone or laptop. As you get married in Houston, for example, your guests don’t have to come bearing gifts. Instead, multiple wedding registries can send the gifts right to your doorstep.

An online registry gives your guests the option of choosing items that you, as a couple and individually, like and can make actual use of. Moreover, contributions to a couple’s honeymoon are common. So, what sounds better, a sponsored trip to the Caribbean or a toaster?

Hashtag Your Wedding

If there are no trending hashtags in your wedding’s wake, did it even happen? Artistic logos and hashtags are part of creating your wedding’s brand. Common wedding hashtags feature bride and groom names, nicknames, inside jokes, or even an important element in a couple’s love story.

The tags make their way into every aspect of your wedding, from decorating, to invites and even to pictures. Hashtags allow you to keep track of wedding photos shared on social media and lets you see your nuptial day from your guests’ perspective.

Using the most popular technological trends is just plain practical in today’s world. Have long-distance loved ones attend your wedding, transform your wedding venue, get gifts you actually want, and find photos easily, all thanks to technology