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What Are Unique Ways to Display Wedding Photos?

Photographs are one of the most important investments you will make during the wedding planning process. A high-quality photographer can capture the finer details and candid moments of your day, leaving you with hundreds of visual memories you would otherwise lack.

Therein lies the problem: how do you display the photos you spent so much money for? Here are some unique ways to display your photos so you and your guests can relive the highlights.

Metal Prints

Bumblejax has a lot of unique photo printing options, including acrylic and bamboo prints. During the printing process, the photos are printed on high-quality photo paper then mounted to the materials for a gallery quality look. Whether you want a vibrant, glossy look or a softer, matte finish, they have options for everyone and every decor.  These options are far less time consuming than trying to figure out a traditional frame.

Create a Triptych

A triptych is a piece of art that spans over three canvases to create an edgy, eye-catching wall decoration. Originally used as pieces on the altars of old churches, there are no rules when it comes to how you design your triptych. You can have three evenly sized canvases or frame a large middle canvass with two thinner ones. Alternatively, you can have three different sizes to show progressive growth. You can print one photo separated between the three or three different photos. This style offers a lot of wall coverage and versatility.

Instagram Photos

Having a wedding hashtag is a trend that has become the norm over the past few years. Why not carry that over into your wedding photo display? If you have a hard time deciding between a few photos to develop into large prints, consider getting many small photos and creating an Instagram inspired wall. Using the small, square prints, you can arrange them in a heart shape and display your wedding hashtag overhead in elegant writing. Alternatively, fill a small rectangle-shaped space of wall that has no other function from floor to ceiling.

Use Window Frames

Old, wooden window frames add a vintage, rustic quality to your decor scheme. They’re also perfect for displaying your wedding photos, particularly if your wedding was rustic themed as well. You may have to do some creative shopping to be able to find what you’re looking for. Keep an eye out at flea markets and yard sales. If you can’t find anything, you can always have something custom made to look old and weathered.

Clothesline Style

If you want to be able to display multiple, small prints that you can change on a regular basis, create a clothesline frame. Simply use a large, ornate frame that fits your decor scheme and string fishing wire or twine loosely from end to end within the open area. Then, use bull clips or small clothespins to hang your photos. This project is versatile, as you can choose string, frames, and clips that speak to your style preferences.

Print on Wood

Rather than printing on a traditional canvas, print your piece on wood blocks. You can have your photos printed on birch with a stacked edge to give it the aura of a shadow box or a higher quality material like bamboo. For best results, have the photo printed on high-quality photo paper then mounted to the wood rather than having it printed directly on a wooden surface. Many DIY aficionados prefer to take on this task themselves by using Mod Podge, but the results are never as nice as having the professionals handle the task.

Don’t let your photos waste away in the cloud. Display them proudly where you can see them and remember the fun you had!