Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

It used to be that we wanted to have still images of our special moments, like a wedding. Photographers can capture incredible moments that will bring back memories forever. Their pictures really could tell a story.

That is still true to this day. But there is a different type of memory capture becoming more and more popular for weddings. That is wedding videography. The difference here is you don’t have still images telling a story. Instead, you get to relive the moment over and over again by with a real-time video.

So whether you are thinking about hiring one, or it never crossed your mind, here are a few reasons why you should include a videographer in your wedding planning.

Memories For Life

A wedding videographer captures your moment that you can relive for life. Although having pictures are great to look at, send to friends and family and fill the frames, a video is something you can sit and watch together numerous times.

Your wedding is an event you’ll never want to forget. You and your spouse, including everyone that witnessed it, will continually reminisce about the joy and happiness that moment brought. Why not relive it through a video which will make you feel like you are right there?

Go Behind the Scenes

A wedding videographer is a creative genius. They can follow you and your partner behind the scenes of that particular day. To the moment you wake up to the last person leaving the dance floor, they capture every single moment.

Sometimes a moment happens that you wish you caught on camera. Those spontaneous dance moves or speeches that make the entire audience cry. Although a picture can gather the idea of what is happening, a video will capture it all right then.

Capture Sound

Now, this is something a photo cannot do – capture the sound at that moment. When you walk down the aisle, a video can catch all the mumbles of how beautiful everything is. Or maybe capture that deep breath of your soon-to-be spouse waiting at the altar. How about the speeches at the reception? Your wedding video can capture all the funny jokes and laughter in the audience that a photo cannot.

Share it With Everyone

A video can be very beneficial for people who could not attend the wedding. If you had a destination wedding and some of your family and friends couldn’t afford to attend, having that video to send them will make them feel like they are right there with you.

Make sure your wedding videographer sends you the original copy so you can share with those who want it. If you have a cd printing machine, you can duplicate it to give to people like your parents, siblings and wedding party.

So if you haven’t thought about hiring a wedding videographer, you should. Although keeping the photographer around is still worthwhile for different reasons, a videographer fills in the gaps. After it all finishes, you will be thankful you spent the money to include on in your plan.