Your Post-Honeymoon Checklist

So you planned the big day down to a T…congratulations! However, the work’s not over yet! Naturally, you’ll want to take some time to enjoy your honeymoon first. But after that, what are the absolute musts for ensuring the perfect post-wedding cooldown period?

Share Your Wedding Photos

A photo gallery on a personal wedding website is a great way to relive the fun all over again with your friends and family, but if web design isn’t your specialty, check out this handy guide for beginners on creating a photo gallery. Web hosting on platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr is free and easy to use, and many website platforms, particularly blogs, allow guests to comment on photos and submit their own snaps.

Give Thanks

You had an amazing day, laughed and smiled like there was a coat hanger in your cheeks and probably danced until you got blisters. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the company of your nearest and dearest, and the traditional customary way to say thanks for being there is to send your guests a handwritten note after the big day. Remember to thank them for the gift they gave you – it helps to create a spreadsheet beforehand so you can keep track of who gave what – and be sure to link them to the abovementioned photo gallery so they can relive the moment, too.

Reorganize and Scrapbook

In olden times, the day after the wedding was the day a couple moved in together for the first time, but in 2017, many couples will have been living together for a while already. Your possessions have probably already been cohabiting for quite some time, but now you have the added addition of the lovely presents and souvenirs you were lucky enough to take away from the day! Integrate these items quickly – whether it’s finding a place for that food processor, or creating a scrapbook together to store all of the knick-knacks and keepsakes. The best time to take on these jobs is as soon as possible while you’re both still on an excited high – rather than months down the line when doing so becomes a chore.

To find something truly personalized, vintage and unique, Etsy is a haven for sourcing cute handmade scrapbooks and wedding stationery. What’s more, by buying through the site you’ll be supporting a small, independent artisan or retailer, too. It’s win-win!