Thank You Notes Dos and Don’ts

Thank You Notes

So you’re registered, yay! (Check out this post for the 20 kitchen must-haves on your registry.) Now the gifts will start to roll in, and with all the other wedding to-dos, thank you notes are probably the last thing on your mind. Breath! It’s time to get organized.

Receiving gifts for your new life together is so special, and you’ll need to thank guests for the gifts they so generously picked out for you. A gracious couple is the most beautiful couple of all.

We’ve gathered the top dos and don’ts that will help you tackle thank you notes with tact and ease.


{1} Purchase your thank you stationary well in advance. You may want to build your thank you notes into your stationary suite to coordinate with your other paper goods. If you’re planning to include a wedding photo or photos in the TY, arrange as many details as possible in advance — design, quantity, printing company — then you can simply add the picture and print.

{2} Start an Excel document that houses the necessary gift information in columns: from, item description, address, thank you note sent (yes or no).

{3} Send thank yous as gifts arrive. You’ll be thankful you did.

{4} Hand write and hand address your thank you notes. It’s more personal.

{5} Mention the specific gift and how you plan to use it. The message should be tailored to each guest.

{6} Thank your guests for attending your wedding.


{1} Misspell anyone’s name. As you did with your wedding stationary, make sure you spell everyone’s name correctly.

{2} Email, text messages and phone calls are no-nos. Sure, you can mention XYZ about the gift informally via digital platforms, but this communication does not replace a hand-written thank you.

{3} Don’t be too formal — these are your friends and family, after all. Write in your own personal tone.

{4} Avoid ALL numbers. Don’t mention dollar amounts, quantities, etc. It’s tacky.

{5} Don’t wait until a full year passes to send your TYs. Aim to complete them as soon as possible after your wedding, within six months. We can assure you that they will get harder to write as more time passes. A quick turnaround thank you is impressive.