Fashionable bouquets 2009

The wedding bouquet is an accessory that mustn`t be absent from the wedding gown and the wedding, of course! And as every one wishes to have the most beautiful bouquet ever existing, you can use from a big range of flowers. Many brides prefer roses, be them white, red or yellow!


If you want to put a special print on the entire wedding, you can make the bouquet from your favorite flowers. Id your dress long with lace applied on it? if it`s in this way, maybe you can choose from white roses and green orchids.

The gesture of wearing a bouquet is a tradition for thousands of year, it isn`t known really well, but it surely is a significant motif!
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Wedding bouquets can be of various types: cascade bouquets, although spectacular it is difficult to be hold in hands because it has big dimensions and you must make sure it won`t be broken; if you want this type of bouquet it may be very hard for you to handle it!

Another model of bouquet is the round one, classic and very easy to handle, the fresh bouquet has flowers from the garden, ordinary or wild ones!

A heart shape bouquet will be special to have, and it is realized by red flowers, your guests will certainly admire the idea you have!


Enough regarding the shape of the bouquet, here are some hot trends regarding the flowers used in the year 2009 in the bouquets: tulips were very used in this year, it is said that these flowers represent the feminine side, and they can be found very easily on the market, no matter what season it is. You can find them in different colors: yellow, red, dark orange to violet and block, but brides took care of the color symbol part!

Red and white roses were used, as always by brides in their bouquets! The white ones are a symbol of purity, the beginning of a new “era” and these flowers are very suitable for such a moment. It is also a traditional flower…. Oh, and let`s not forget about the red rose that signifies love, these beautiful accessories are used by women all around the world, for their shape and smell…

Certainly peonies are not traditional flowers, but they give a delicate image to the bride in mixture with the dress. It is indeed, an interesting image to see….


A gerbera bouquet is wonderful to see, because it expresses joy! You can also apply for a multi color accessory, with pink, yellow, orange and red flowers. It will be certainly interesting!

These trends also apply for the year to come, because flowers are always fashionable, as they never change and keep their odor!