Flower arrangements

We hope that our previous examples concerning flower arrangements seemed interesting to you and also that you loved what was suggested there. We continue with some other suggestions that will definitely be useful when it comes to a great looking wedding and ceremony. Be sure that you won’t remain disappointed and that you’re going to blend your personal ideas with ours and end up with some great looking flower arrangements.

We start with suggesting you a flower arrangement that consists of three layers of flowers and these are placed on a metallic support and from a good distance from one layer to the other.

flower arrangements

The flowers used in this arrangement are multicolored, but the basic color tone is warm and it related to orange. You can use carnations, roses, daisies or whatever flowers you wish; the effect will definitely be dazzling. Let’s also mention that we’re speaking about centerpieces and that these are great to be place in the middle area of your tables, because they’re tall and ideal to make the table look prettier and more interesting.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Also, in the middle layer of the flower arrangement you can apply for using numerous candles in white color and when it gets darker in the salon you can light them and create a really interesting visual effect. From the upper layer of flower to the middle one you can use some transparent marbles that can hang out from a layer to the other.

Around this centerpiece you can apply for small glass containers that have flowers in them, these have cylindrical formats and have at the end candles. This will definitely create an interesting visual effect and we’re sure that you’re going to feel pretty pleased of the visual effect conferred by this flower arrangement.

We end up with some other great looking flower arrangements that look really neat in the same time. The main centerpiece consists of a big and transparent glass vase that is filled with silk and white roses.

flower arrangements 2

This particular flower arrangement creates a nice visual effect and we’re sure that you’re going to like it pretty much. Around this centerpiece there are other small flower arrangements that consist of small glass containers filled with yellow roses.

This is indeed an interesting combination of elements. Also, around the silk roses there are some long candles placed in transparent and made of glass containers. We’re sure that you like this combination and we have to admit that it’s a nice mixture of elements and unique in the same time.