Vintage testimonials

We talked about all the vintage details, but we forgot to mention our ideas regarding the vintage testimonials, which may be considered an outrageous thing! Yes, it may be considered in this way, because we dealt with almost all the details possible! So, here you have some examples of vintage testimonials….

vintage testimonials

The first idea regards nice sweets made from white chocolate and that have a heart shape. These candies have some nice details engraved on them or if you like them simple, they can remain simple. If you don’t like the idea of white chocolate you can make these from white chocolate. Or, if you don’t like the idea of chocolate at all you can apply for soap! Yes, white soap in heart shapes that has some nice vintage motifs on it! It sounds great, doesn’t it?
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The next idea of testimony is simply delightful and certainly it didn’t come into your head! Well, what do you think about some glasses made of transparent glass and that have some roses drawn on them! The idea is indeed delightful, you can have one glass for each guest and it isn’t expensive at all! You may also consider placing some details regarding your wedding and your guest will keep with love the detail you’ve offered to him in your wedding day! Most of all, don’t forget that it’s a vintage item!

You can also have canvas bags that have laces on them and some writings that remember the guest of your wedding! This is a rather simple idea, and it has a vintage air! You may have a white canvas or a brown one! These two nuances seem to bring the idea of vintage the most!

vintage testimonials2

You may have also some glass jars in which you can place some fruits or different things that come into your head! On top of each jar place a nice piece of jewelry with a vintage aspect, these pieces of jewelry have to have a golden aspect with different embroideries or stones! You may also apply for broches! On each jar place your names with the help of a cardboard piece together with a piece of string.

You can apply for really colorful bags that have floral motifs on them! On each of these bags you can apply a knitted material made in a flower shape! The image created is so vintage that you just couldn’t imagine and most of all the idea doesn’t cost much! That’s the basic thing we think…. In each of these bags you may place sweets, flowers, nuts or whatever you like….

Plastic spoons can also be testimonials you know! Buy big plastic spoons and on each of it place a vintage picture or whatever image that brings you with the idea of vintage! On the “tail” of each spoon place nicely colored ribbons that end with bows! This idea probably didn’t come to you, but now you can apply it with confidence if you feel inspired by it!