Suggestions for the mother of the bride

Who says that the mother of the bride doesn’t have the right to look at her best? On the contrary, we’re thinking that she has this important role in the wedding – of being the mother of the bride – she has to look gorgeous, stunning, breathtaking and all the possible adjectives that stand for this way of looking!

The gowns have to be made in a sleek way and really comfortable in the same time. We think that you have to ensure your mother looks great enough to raise some eyebrows, but not too many, because you’re the main character in this wedding, remember?

A golden mother of the bride dress seems a great option to take into account, don’t you think so? We’re thinking that a straight model of dress made of shiny fabric is perfect for your mother and her status. In fact this suggestion of mother of the bride clothing consists of a two piece suit that is made in two pieces and with a collar all around the neck.  Let’s also add that the waistline is very well emphasized through the usage of a waistline with flower detail applied on one side of the suit.

Of course, this example of clothing doesn’t have to necessarily be made in this color that we’ve just mentioned about. This one can be done in whatever color you think it’s best for your mother to wear – copying it with the hair color and her skin tone.

Continuing with suggestions for mother of the bride gowns we think that a rather modern model will suit her as well. We’re thinking of a strapless A line evening gown that is realized with sweetheart neckline, a bow detail in the front side and tiered details on the surface of the bodice.

The skirt is done in A line and entirely this dress will certainly add a fresh air to your mother and also her attitude and way of being. The other thing that we need to mention is related to the sleeves that the mother of the bride can apply for with the help of a wedding jacket.

A suit goes really fine. We’ve always considered that she has to be really elegant and a little bit formal in the same time!

A suit made with a short tulip skirt with a jacket with short sleeves and ruffled details on the margins of the neckline as well as on the margins of the endings of the suit. As well as the rest of the mother of the bride clothing pieces that we’ve mentioned about, this one is also realized of silk and it’s done in a really nice way as to emphasize the body in a pleasant way.