Bridal gowns made with passion

With over 40 years of experience in the field of wedding invitations, the Raimon Bundo fashion house is between one of the specialized firms exclusively in the sector of bridal gowns. The main feature of this designer house is to follow quality, not quantity and every wedding dress seems to be personalized. You are able to see elegant wedding dresses or really elegant ones, innovative or even simple – if you want to.
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You don’t know what bridal gown inspires you the most?

Fantasies or reflections, spiritual ideas that become a part of the reality through the palpable objects…. The secret is suggestion. The embroidery and the warm tones, or even non colors, these are the main things that have found their place even from the first presentations of the wedding dresses creations.

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Bridal gown

How can the latest collection from this fashion house be described?

This year, there can be distinguished two contrasting lines: a line that is unique, charismatic and extremely elegant and the other that succeeds to impose to the season good taste and quality, although some brides have casual influences.

Certainly the true love is the one that helped the inspiration in realizing the collection of the bridal gown that is revolutionary for the spring – summer collection.

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Bridal gown

There are lots of ways of expressing feelings, but each collection finds its trail towards the world of art, an unlimited source of inspiration. In this year’s collection, there are bridal gowns that push you to simply fall in love with them, due to the resemblance of the collection with the love story of Romeo and Juliet, through using the handmade embroidery.

What types of fabric and colors there are used in these bridal gowns?

The finest fabrics with the help of which the pure line and the essence of simplicity are in. there’s also the fine touch of cotton, tulle or even Chantilly lace.

bridal gowns made with passionSource
Bridal gown

Also, in different occasions there’s the natural satin that can be encountered, the silk, dupion, but there’s also the tulle and veil. There are used colors which are really romantic, pastel, such as pink, the blue tone of the sea or even ivory. The key success consists in calculating every little detail, not leaving a trail for “accidents”.

Where can you find these collections?

You can find them online, of course, if you are not from Spain, but there are some other local bridal stores that can be encountered in numerous spots of the globe!