Colored wedding gown

Refined creations, meant to offer the elegance and grace every bride needs? Have no fear, because it seems we have such examples here and they’re worth taking into account. How about we presenting you one by one a colored wedding gown?

The dresses we thought to share here with you are signed by the label Sascha Novia and you can be certain that you’re going to love these pretty much.

The first colored wedding gown we’re speaking about is this sleeveless model that is designed accordingly to the models of fairytale gowns. So, we’re speaking about this particular model that is designed in A-style and you can be sure that you’re going to love it pretty much.

colored wedding gown

It has beads on the surface of the corset, which are applied there in order to create an even more interesting aspect to the entire gown. Also, you can observe tiered details on the surface of the corset and on the A-line skirt as well. All of these go perfect together into creating an interesting piece as well.
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In case you consider that the previous example isn’t colored enough for you then it means that the following ones are going to seem just fine to be taken into account. we’re speaking about two sleeveless wedding dresses that are conceived in a very similar manner. They’re made with a corset in the upper side with white and different applications on them and the skirt is made in the same color as the applications that can be observed on the surface of the bodice. The skirt is made in tiers and with nice looking waves and they’re designed in A-style.

colored wedding gown 2

Here’s another model that we want to share with you and this one can be placed in the category of black and white wedding dresses, but it goes fine in this particular article as well.

So, we’re speaking about an A-style wedding dress what has sleeves on the shoulders and which is for sure between the most interesting examples that we have to share with you, due to the manner in which it’s made….

It has a V-neckline and the corset is made in black color with a flower detail in one side. The skirt is made in wide A-style and you can observe numerous layers of fabric on it that simply make it look gorgeous.

colored wedding gown 3

The gown has attached a pair of gloves, white gloves and a semi transparent veil that seems to blend perfectly with the rest of the details. We’re certain that you’re going to find all of these examples fine enough to be taken into account and that maybe you will apply for one of these models suggested here.