Fabrics for the bridal gown

When you choose your wedding dress, the model doesn’t mean anything, because the wedding dress that you’re wearing has to be a real success. The fabric is as important and it can make you look and feel perfect.

The classic fabrics for the bridal gowns include satin, silk, Mikado, taffeta, organza, chiffon and tulle. Every one has its characteristics and if we add the insertions made of Swarovski crystals, lace, feathers, pearls and any other applications the equations is going to become even more difficult.

fabrics for the bridal gown

This is why, when you try on wedding dresses it’s important not to limit yourself to only one texture. Try to realize what weight is appropriate for you and if the fabric is moving accordingly to your rhythm or if it’s appropriate for your personality.
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If you’re thinking of wearing a silk wedding dress, make sure that it’s a natural fabric, and then it’s going to have some imperfections. If this drives you out of your mind, try a mixture of silk with synthetic fibers, like polyester. In this way you’re not going to reduce the imperfections, but the cost in the same time.

For fuller silhouettes or for the brides that want a wedding dress that covers their imperfections, the most recommended are the fabrics that are heavier.

fabrics for the bridal gown 2

You can choose lace, satin of silk or Mikado, but stay away from chiffon.

The fluid fabrics leave a little trace of mystery and in the same time it’s going to develop the imagination of the viewer, discovering every little corner and crack. But the applications made with stones or lace around the waist is going to get rid of those lines and they also create the illusion of a thinner waist.

A – Style wedding dresses made of satin or taffeta are mild as well with every type of silhouette. You have to take care, because if you’re going to choose a wedding dress with multiple ruffles and drapes in the lower side, you can even look chubbier than you really are. If you want to emphasize a thin silhouette, try silk or charmeuse satin that is going to embrace your body.

The wedding dresses in shape of a trumpet are going to highlight your waist and thighs, creating the impression of thinness to your body. For this type of silhouette the dresses with low waist are going to confer a sexy air, and even if in the lower side it’s going to be fuller, you’re going to end up looking as glam as a Hollywood star.

fabrics for the bridal gown 3

When you choose the fabric for the bridal gown it has to represent you in the same time and create the impression of comfort and you can wear it for the entire night. So, if the model is important for others to see you great, the fabric is going to make you feel in this manner.