Gorgeous evening gowns

We hope that you appreciated the previous examples concerning evening gowns and these were taken directly from Jim Hjelm’s collection. As you could observe in all the dresses suggested previously, these were all about using sophisticated fabric and in fine color tones, which blend together into creating the right piece that you can wear during the wedding reception.

So, we start with suggesting this purple dress which is made of fine fabric as well. This purple evening gown is realized in A-style, but in a fine manner in the same time with all kinds of pretty details on it.

gorgeous evening gowns

First of all, you have to know about the halter stripes that go in the back side of the neck and the ruffled details on the neckline as well as on the back side of the head. The waist line is delimited very well with the help of the cuts and how the dress is knit. The skirt is long and designed in A-line, indeed some gorgeous details that make this evening gown an interesting piece to apply for.
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The next model with which we want to continue our list of suggestions for evening gowns that can be worn in the wedding reception is definitely this one and we’re definite that you’re going to love it from the first instant, not only due to the model in which it’s realized, but also in the way it’s made…. So, you can observe the blue dress that has a waistline which is really interesting looking in the same time, also the bodice has tiered details on it, tiered details which come from one side of the dress and on which you can observe a flower detail as well.

gorgeous evening gowns 2

The straight neckline highlights just how fresh and gorgeous you are and the thin straps come and confer you an extra air of youth….

Here’s the other model that we thought it would really be a gorgeous idea to share with you and which we’re sure you’re going to love from the first instant as well. This one is a black evening gown that has a deep cleavage, which highlights how gorgeous your breasts are.

gorgeous evening gowns 3

Let’s also mention that you can observe on the shoulders some flower details, which seem to go nicely in combination with the tiered details on the breasts and on the rest of the dress as well…. Indeed some gorgeous details surrounding this dress and we’re sure that you’re going to love it from the first instant you set your eyes on it. Sure, you’re going to read about many more other examples in the future and these are going to seem as interesting as this one!