Designer bridal gowns

Designer bridal gowns have the feature of making you feel special in the big day if you decide to wear one of these. Every woman dreams to wear in her wedding day a designer bridal gown, and especially if it’s signed Vera Wang. So it seems from the latest polls and we sincerely understand why, because you can observe only gorgeous models there….

Another thing about designer bridal gowns is the fact that they’re designed in such a manner as to make the difference – some have oversized details on their surface, others have a special looking color or a color that is out of the ordinary!

First of all, let’s start with mentioning that all the following examples in this topic are taken from some of the Vera Wang collections and that they’re the true example of designer bridal gowns.

For instance, let’s start with the first wedding dress from the left side. It’s designed in a Grecian manner in A line with natural waves in it, with a short train in the back side, the waistline is very well emphasized through the usage of a piece of fabric that is placed all around the waist and there are also the straps, which are not that thin. There’s also an oversized detail in one side of the wedding dress that we’re sure you’re going to find as the “piece aux resistance”.
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The middle dress is made in a purple tone, which is really deep and great looking. It’s a strapless wedding dress with an oversized bow detail on the front side of the evening gown. Also, it’s tight down to the level of the thighs and continues to get wider and wider towards the floor. The waistline is pretty well emphasized through the tight layer of fabric….

The other wedding dress that we want to mention about is a strapless dress, done in a mermaid style with a long train in the back side. There’s the straight neckline that also needs to be added. All around the waistline you can observe the shiny fabric made in beige tone and with an oversized bow. Great details that compose designer bridal gowns!

Another designer bridal gown that caught our eyes instantly is this A line one that is done with multiple layers of semi transparent fabric, sweetheart neckline and the above layer comes to cover the shoulders in straps, which create a gorgeous visual effect and a V neckline over the sweetheart one.

The skirt is wide and made of multiple layers of fabric. As for the waistline, it’s very well emphasized through the black belt that is probably made of an oversized ribbon and with a hanging detail….