Short bridal gowns

Informal wedding dresses are designed especially for those brides who want to get rid of the image of the classical bride. How does a classical bride look like? You may have an image, but let’s share with you some of our ideas concerning this cliché…. First of all, a classical bride will apply for a classical wedding! She’s going to wear a long wedding dress as elegant as possible and as you all dream of looking like princesses in the big day, you’re certainly going to take into account purchasing and wearing a princess wedding gown!

The next cliché in a classic bride is that she’s going to wear a veil that will cover the face. You know the idea pretty well – she walks to the altar wearing a fancy and elegant wedding dress and she wear a long veil which will cover the face. The groom takes the veil off and he kisses her. Sounds like a romantic movie, but in the same time it’s the typical image!

Tea length wedding dress
Tea length wedding dress

If you want to get rid of clichés we recommend a tea length bridal gown or a short wedding dress – this particular type of dress can successfully be worn during a beach wedding or an open air wedding!
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For this matter, we placed all our attention towards short bridal gowns, which are signed Carmela Sutera and they’re delightful!

How about a retro look? Such a short bridal gown will not be hard to wear and in the same time you’re going to be sure that you are not going to feel stuffed while you’re wearing it. it’s a tea length wedding dress, strapless and with straight neckline.

You can observe fine lines that are placed on the fabric of this wedding dress and in the same time you’re going to be able to apply for a colored bridal bouquet as well as colored accessories to make the image even more complete!

If you’re looking for a daring wedding dress, then here’s the one for you…. It’s also a short bridal gown and designed with nice ruffled details on the margins: on the neckline and thin straps and on the margins of the skirt.

short bridal gowns 2
Short bridal gown

Here and there on the surface of this wedding dress there can be noticed certain embroidered elements, which confer a delightful aspect to this bridal piece….

Short bridal gowns are indeed the ones you need if you want to rip patterns. We recommend these as well as the colored wedding dresses in order to end up with a unique look and memorable wedding ceremony. Don’t forget that you have to be the most gorgeous bride your guests have ever seen – and to these ingredients you should add some attitude!