Groom organizing the wedding

Usually when they decide to organize the wedding dates, women tend to make everything perfect as we’ve always dreamed our wedding to be, taking into account every little aspect.

You can’t have a silent moment up to the moment in which you see everything at its right place, but in a particular moment you realize that you can end up with the right things. You don’t have to forget that the wedding is something that concerns both of you – you and your husband.

groom organizing the wedding

You can divide the tasks in such a manner that you don’t feel yourself extra-charged with duties and that he shouldn’t feel left behind. For example you could leave him occupy himself of the musical part, the menu or the problems related to the religious ceremony.

You can occupy yourself of the flowers, the wedding favors, the guests; everything is going to be decided in a democratic way, like in a team. He is going to feel useful and you’re going to be relieved. It’s true that women are the ones that get occupied of the preparations.
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This comes from the tradition as well, but from our obsession as well for making everything look alright, of making everything how it should be. A marriage is like a partnership and it begins in the moment you organize the wedding. If you collaborate to this plan, it’s a good start of your marriage.

Generally, the grooms want to be involved as well, but they don’t know for sure where to start from and in most of the cases they stumble over details and they’re unsure.

groom organizing the wedding 2

The groom can be one of those grooms that are a little bit confused and don’t know how to handle everything, while you prepare this event up to the tiniest detail in some time in advance.

Make him understand that there’s time for everything, don’t rush, avoid arguing with him and try listening him as well. Take into account his opinions and preferences, it’s his wedding as well, so he has to enjoy it as well.

Place clear questions like “Do we want a DJ or a band?” or open questions, which can have unexpected answers from his side, like “As you wish, my darling!”.

In case in which your fiancé has a nice writing, he could write with his own hands the text of the invitations, or if he has talent in arranging the flowers he could do the flower arrangements. Accordingly to his abilities, you can suggest different activities to him.

groom organizing the wedding 3

Here are some of these types of activities that he can do : think of a good DJ, interest himself of the menu, plan his honeymoon, take care of the finances, take care of transporting the guests and yourselves, taking care of the guests, to make a massage when you feel like you can’t stand it anymore, to plan the rehearsal before the wedding.

If he’s a writer, he can write texts for the guests. It’s important to work in team, you’re going to see just how much is this going to help your relationship!