Original groom suit

Did you choose the general theme of your wedding? In case you want something special we were thinking we should suggest to you a wedding that has at the basis traditions and most of all, the countryside. You’re going to be able to offer to your guests natural food and you’re bride is going to look really natural and sexy in the same time.
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We’re fed up with speaking only about the bride and beginning from this moment we want to offer some hints to the groom because he has to know how to get dressed as well in the wedding day and in such a manner that he ends up being a part of that story.

We were thinking of a suit with traditional inspiration, with buttons and ethno embroidery. You can get inspired by the historical books that are going to offer you a clear image concerning those trends of that period.

A traditional costume can be used as a groom suit and you can look like a part of the military crew in the war, but really sexy and new in the same time. You’re going to be a presence for sure and most of all, you’re not going to fail with the choices made.

Such a type of groom suit is going to offer you a really natural look and the cuts and knits are really close to the natural line of the body with insertions that confer a certain air to what you’re wearing as well as a brilliant look with epaulets and medals.

The traditional suit can be placed in a light chromatic, with white beige, cream or grey and this is going to permit the groom to accessorize himself freely with his personal preferences. The main thing is that you feel good in what you’re wearing and you don’t look as if you’re stuffed.

Don’t forget that next to the bride you definitely have to look special and most of all, you have to make sure that your look is appropriate with hers…. And when we say that we refer to the fact that you have to make sure that your suit’s style is close to her wedding dress style and you can take certain motifs and elements from her as well.

Depending on the groom’s desire he can switch the shirt with a more loosened shirt and a belt and this will definitely make you look original.

If this doesn’t seem enough to you, then what is? Certainly you didn’t observe such a look in any other groom in any other wedding that you might attended and we offer a big plus – it’s original and we totally recommend it.