The groom’s flower

Through the times we’ve been speaking about the tinniest details, but there are some aspects we didn’t speak about. For instance, we didn’t speak about the accessory the groom wears on his chest! See? We forgot about this part, but we found some nice models and we want you to know about them. Most of these examples regard fresh flowers and very pretty in colors, so let’s talk about each in particular…..


The first example regards a big lily! Lilies can be found in numerous color variations! Pick your favorite color, one that matches some of the details of the bride, or choose a color in contrast with the bride’s accessory! For instance you can pick up an orange lily with its freel branch and leaf and place it on one side of the collar with the help of a pin!
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The next suggestion can be a purple flower, which receives the same “treatment” and is placed in the same way you’ve placed the lily! The chromatic effect is very good looking: purple and green together with the black suit.


The next example is made of buttons and some plastic leaves! These accessories look rather interesting if they’re made in beautiful color combinations, for example pink, ivory and brown, but you can find other nice matching colors!

Another great hint is to place three or for freesia flowers in pink, yellow and brown color combinations together with their leaves and if the suit is gray, the chromatic effect will be wonderful and that small bouquet will catch everyone’s eye! Let’s mention also that you can fit it with the bride’s bouquet without any problems!


You can have some flowers for made of marbles, little ones, knitted and finally creating daisies or orchids with leaves and branches! This accessory has a vintage aspect and certainly it will be delightful for the groom to wear it!

You can have some small flowers, those type of flowers that never fade away and place them into a nice colored ribbon and after put it on your chest!

Another great model is made of wool fabric and buttons! Play with these two elements and create a nice looking flower that has in the center a pretty colored button!

The next suggestion is similar to the last one presented, the elements are similar, this type you need also some small flowers, ribbons and some colored feathers! Make some leaves out of fabric and place a feather and also three of those nicely colored plastic flowers and at the basis a small button! After this, wrap around a stick a thin ribbon and it’s ready to be worn!

You can make nice flowers of cardboard! Choose some cardboard that has some nice models painted on it and let’s mention also a long branch made of plastic covered with green paper!


As you can see, there are so many ideas for cockades! The idea is to play with your imagination…. You can choose from natural, plastic flowers and funny combinations of fabric and buttons!