Natural curls and straight hair in the new years eve party

The clock is ticking babes, so you have to make up your mind as fast as you can! Haven`t you decided yet what hairdo suits you best for the New Years Eve party? Well, here are some suggestions in order for you to finally get an idea of what`s hot and not!

Do you want to have a retro look and your hair certainly helps you? In order for your glamorous hairdo to resist it`s better to apply mousse after you`ve washed your hair, in this way your hair will resist even when your dancing and the styling product confers a special shine! Use a round brush and the hair drier to give those perfect curls to your hair! You`ve already prepared the volume you need to your hair, and if you apply some hair curlers (big ones) you`ll certainly obtain something beautiful! Wait some minutes and after this period remove the curlers and form a loop from your curly locks of hair! For a more extravagant look put a lock of hair over the ear in its curly form, you`ll look like a 21th century Audrey Hepburn! After you have finished all these processes put as much hair spray as you can and the result will be wonderful!

If you`re more into the natural hairdos, that take many minutes for preparing and look as if they were done in a jiffy, it seems this type of styling suits you perfectly! “Owning” straight hair will certainly be a big plus, because you only need to use a brush, to make it look silky and smooth, after this, concentrate on the crown area, make it voluminous and take two locks of hair from every part of the head, stretching it in the back side. Push the two locks of hair upwards as to give extra volume to the crown, and leave a lock of hair in one side of the face, in order to give a sexy aspect! This is a very natural look like aspect, but it needs great quantities of hair spray in order to resist!

Another variant of hairstyle for the big part is to adopt those curls, with loosened hair, that look so great on girls and women, leaving a natural look behind…. Brush your hair as much as you can, get some curlers, but first apply some mousse, leave the hair with the curlers for a few minutes, maybe a half an hour, after that time, remove the curlers and spray the hair! You will look enchanting! For those that have medium hair this hairdo is also good to have, just make sure you arrange the locks of hair properly!

Remember, this year you must look fresh! Although your hairdo has taken many minutes for preparation, it has to look as if was made two minutes ago! Even if you use many styling products, your hair needs to look as it breathes! If you listen to these pieces of advice, you`ll have your hairdo and you`ll certainly be the life of the party, because you`ll be dancing all night long!