How to Stay Healthy and Motivated on Your Wedding Fitness Journey

With your wedding day coming up, it’s fine to use the occasion as a means to motivate yourself to get fit. But more than wanting to look good in your white dress, why not do it as a form of self-care for you in preparation for your big day and beyond? After all, good health shouldn’t be a one-time affair, and spending the rest of your life with someone you love sounds like a good reason to achieve that healthy glow and fit physique.

In this regard, the age-old formula for weight loss and better health has always been straightforward: more exercise and less junk. But the tricky part is in keeping that focus and having enough self-discipline to stick to your balanced diet and healthy workout routine. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to healthier habits even after you walk down that aisle.

Set concrete goals

People set fitness goals all the time, but a common mistake is making it too vague. Instead of aiming to just “lose weight,” hammer down a concrete objective. Health Line explains that a good fitness goal is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based. An example is to lose a certain number of inches off of your waist or to go for a run every morning. That way, it’s much easier to track and see your progress. And once you see your progress, you’ll be even more motivated to continue!

Track your habits

That said, it helps to track your habits and see how far you’ve come. Writing down your workout habits and results can be a good start, but you can also try enlisting the help of apps on your smartphone. These not only make things more convenient, but some also have added features for you to learn more about yourself and your fitness journey. Some apps to check out are Run Keeper to track your runs, My Fitness Pal to record your meals, and Sworkit for your workout goals.

Incorporate exercise throughout your day

By this time, you’re probably swamped with wedding preparations. In between dress fittings and meetings with your planner, it can be hard to devote time to hit the gym. Fortunately, there are other ways to stay on top of your fitness goals. Previously here on Top Wedding Questions, we recommended alternatives for those who don’t want to or can’t hit the gym. Consider swapping some small habits like taking the stairs whenever possible, walking instead of driving, or doing ten sit-ups before you get out of bed.

Have a workout buddy

Working out feels less like a chore when you do it with someone. Call up your bridesmaids and make it a friendship affair. Fitness writer Hilary Lebow outlines the many benefits of having a workout buddy, such as having someone to watch your form or being able to share your goals with them — both of which should help motivate you further.

Listen to your body

It’s tempting to want to push your body to its limits just to reach your goals before your wedding day, but never forget the importance of listening to your body. Are you feeling more energized after your workouts? Or are you exhausting yourself too much? Remember to be kind to yourself always.

This includes nurturing it with healthy food, too. It’s a good idea to amp up your protein intake and focus on complex carbs. They’re the fuel you need to survive the hectic pre-wedding period and make the most of it.

On top of this, don’t be afraid to try supplements or detoxes. Contrary to what some media might tell you, not all of them are pure fluff. Pretty Me lists the benefits of detoxing in its Detoxi Slim Plus Review, which includes cleansing your intestines and liver — a must for all those upcoming bachelorette bashes. Detoxifying is also known to speed up your metabolism and reduce bloating, therefore giving you a little boost towards your goals. Don’t know if you need it? —- Watch out for telltale signs such as increased sugar cravings, constant fatigue, and stress.

Your wedding fitness journey may not be the easiest ordeal you’ll have to go through, but just like many other parts of the wedding preparation process, it’s definitely worth it. With some determination and the good habits cited above, a healthy future with the love of your life is right around the corner.