5 Exotic and Lovely Cities for a Perfect Urban Honeymoon Abroad According to Travel Ticker


Each self-planning couple looking for a perfect honeymoon location spends a few hours surfing the internet looking for other travelers’ pieces of advice and recommendations. Even if your trip will be taken care of by the travel agency, it is still fun to gaze upon beautiful views online as well.

For those who are willing to go hand in hand with the latest traveling trends and for those who don’t necessary want to spend their honeymoon on an island, today we are going to share a list of five most exotic and lovely cities according to cheap hotels booking site Travel Ticker!

1. Ubud: one temple for everyone

In the Indonesian island of Bali, you can find a small city of Ubud, which got a lot of attention after a super popular 2011 movie called “Eat. Pray. Love.” The film made the island and the cultural center of the island the city Ubud famous, so now it attracts thousands of visitors each year. Here you can get familiar with traditional local dances and arts, and afterward explore thousands of temples, which are believed to be found in every yard there is. To be fair, travelers are also rushing to visit another island’s celebrity – green, surrounded by jungle, Tegallalang rice terraces which will look breathtaking in your honeymoon pictures.

2. The old Hanoi on the old scooter

An increasing number of travelers flock to Vietnam to see such natural wonders as Halong Bay, but their tour of the country begins at the Hanoi airport. In the capital and second largest city of the country where is a ton of things to see, since all around the city you can see a lot of remains of the era, then Vietnam was a part of French Colony.

Do not miss the chance to visit the most important part of the city – Ba Dinh Quarter, where the narrow streets and the ancient buildings can be explored on the scooter. There is also no shortage of souvenirs and traditional goods shops so that you can bring a lot of lovely gifts after the honeymoon too. By the way, this area has a very vibrant nightlife too – bars and karaoke clubs can be found on every corner.

3. The magical neighborhood of Siem Reap

Although Siem Reap city in Cambodia is full of bars and clubs, people from all over the world come here not only to party. Tourists are rushing to see one of the world’s seven wonders –  the Angkor. Huge, more than 160 hectares covering Hindu temples and the palace complex, settled in the middle of the jungle has sprouted at the 12th century.

Angkor will take your breath not only by the number of temples here but also by drawings on the walls picturing the exploits of the gods: there are about 3000 different art pieces all over the complex!

4. Marrakech: aromas instead of tour guide

In recent years, Morocco was discovered by many tourists around the globe who were attracted by the beautiful nature and ancient cities. One of them – Marrakech, which spirit you can best feel at the Jemaa el-Fna Square. Here you will be greeted with thousands of small local vendors trying to sell various colorful goods.

Since the stalls are full of fragrant spices, fresh fruits, and traditional Moroccan dishes, follow your nose and thus discover the delicious Moroccan delicacies which will bring a whole new taste of your honeymoon.

5. Istanbul views from the historic tower

Istanbul remains to be one of the most popular vacation or honeymoon destinations. Turkey’s biggest city will amaze you with the beauty of Byzantine cathedrals, crowded markets and the cafes and bars. However, most travelers are rushing to visit the Bosporus Strait, which separates city into two parts – one European and one Asian. Here you can also visit the famous Virgin tower.

Built on a miniature island, this structure in the past served both as a lighthouse and as a prison. Now more than 800 years old city’s celebrity works as a wonderful observation deck, a historical museum, and a restaurant.