Take a European Rail Trip for Your Honeymoon


When planning a honeymoon, the standard destinations usually find their way to the top of the list. There’s no question that the Maldives and the Caribbean are gorgeous destinations, and with year-round sun, flawless beaches and a tourist industry with years of experience in pampering guests, a honeymoon there would undoubtedly be one to remember.

But there are many more options to consider, and ones that promise luxury, romance, relaxation and the appeal of doing something different. That isn’t important to everyone – and the truth is, married couples will tell you, that relaxation is the absolute non-negotiable when it comes to honeymoons – but if originality is close to your heart, you could have the trip of a lifetime by heading off on a European rail holiday once you’ve tied the knot.

The Old Romantics

European city breaks are a very popular destination for couples at all stages of their relationships. It’s easy to see why. Cities like Bruges, Rome and, of course, Paris, rival anywhere in the world for romance.

Paris, which is less than three hours away thanks to the Channel Tunnel, has enough attractions in its historic, gorgeous streets to keep any visitor happy for weeks and Rome has a claim to be the most captivating of them all. But the beauty of a rail trip is that it enables couples to take in a number of destinations, sampling the finest hotels, restaurants and spas Europe has to offer along the way.

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It’s Easy

As we’ve already said, by the time you’ve got through the endless last-minute jobs, dealt with the in-laws and actually tied the knot, what you will most look forward to in a honeymoon is an opportunity to put your feet up, make up for hours of lost sleep and let some other people do the work.

With that in mind, there really is no easier way to get around than by train. Trains get you into the centre of your destinations, rather than abandoning you in an airport that is miles from town. The comfort level, and ability to walk around, eclipses the plane and the car and, provided you get the right tickets, you can hop off anywhere that tickles your fancy.

And if you are worried about it being a bit too much like back packing then think again. Thanks to the likes of Treyn holidays, you can enjoy the ease of a rail trip with the luxury befitting the most special holiday of your life.

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Fantastic Alternatives

While, in terms of size, Europe is dwarfed by other continents, the variety of scenery and experiences it has to offer is huge. So if you want to enjoy a bit of an alternative honeymoon, Europe could well be the destination for you.

Whether you want to breathe in the mountain air of Switzerland, experience the vibrancy of Barcelona, marvel at the stunning beauty of the Italian lakes, or witness the unspoiled, jaw-dropping landscapes of Scandinavia, a train can get you there, and a rail trip will let you experience them all.

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